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7 Disruptions CIOs Might Not See Coming

CIOs must take time to consider “what if” scenarios to avoid being blindsided by social, behavioral and technological disruptions, according to Gartner, Inc.

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When the strong dollar penalizes Big Tech

The latest Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report reveals that Big Tech companies are severely affected by the current macroeconomic environment. As inflation rages around the world, which is the key factor that explains this decline? 

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Les nouveaux écrans de gaming Alienware offrent des performances rapides et des images HQ

Alienware annonce deux nouveaux écrans de gaming : l’Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor (AW2523HF) et l’Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor (AW2723DF).


3 Key Emerging Technologies Expanding Immersive Experiences, Accelerating AI Automation and Optimizing Technologist Delivery

The 25 emerging technologies to watch on the Gartner, Inc. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2022 are enabling the evolution and expansion of immersive experiences, accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) automation and optimizing technologist delivery.

Tech IT Trends

The mother of invention

The global economy is in precarious shape, and Europe faces the risk of 1970s-style stagflation. So why does the outlook for technological innovation remain exceptionally bright?

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7 keys to become a super entrepreneur, based on Fabrice Testa’s methodology

How to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur? is a question that has no secret for Fabrice Testa. Business angel, exponential thinker, innovator and author, Fabrice Testa recently published a book entitled Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded, which fastly became #1 Amazon Best Seller. 

AI Automation Trends

Continuous Intelligence: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

With the growing volume, complexity, and velocity of data, it’s no surprise that businesses often consider only small subsets of what’s available for analytics. Research suggests that several of today’s best-of-class application operators are using less than 6% of their collected data.

Digital Telco Trends

La convergence fixe-mobile, un gain d’efficacité pour le groupe international Remondis

Profitant de son installation dans de toutes nouvelles infrastructures à Foetz, le spécialiste de la collecte, de la valorisation et de l’élimination des déchets a opté pour la solution de convergence fixe-mobile de POST. Elle lui permet de gagner en efficacité tout en garantissant une communication optimale.

Luxembourg Network Trends

How is 5G good for business? LIST and TELINDUS join forces to stimulate benefits

5G networks in Luxembourg are taking off and expanding rapidly across the country. The general public take-up is growing quickly, and most new smartphones are 5G-capable, so why is the take-up in the business sector relatively poor? That’s what the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Telindus, a brand of Proximus Luxembourg, in a new collaborative agreement plan to tackle together promoting and stimulating the development of new 5G-based services for B2B.

Tech Services Trends

5 astuces pour un feedback utilisateur efficace

Scrum Master pour la société Sogeti Luxembourg, Emanuele Prestifilippo possède à son actif 12 années d’expérience dans le développement d’applications. Sur base de ses nombreux projets et échanges avec les clients, il a élaboré une approche en 5 points pour des feedbacks utilisateurs efficaces.

IT International Trends

3 Technology Trends Gaining Traction in Banking and Investment Services in 2022

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), autonomic systems and privacy-enhancing computation are three technology trends gaining traction in banking and investment services in 2022, according to Gartner, Inc. These trends will continue to grow over the next two to three years, contributing to growth and transformation of financial services organizations.

Tech Luxembourg Trends

A strategic partnership between Sumo x LHoFT x VIZZ x Farvest to democratise the use of NFTs at ICT Spring

In the framework of the global tech conference, ICT Spring (June 30th-July 1st), Farvest, organiser of the leading event for new technologies in Luxembourg, is joining forces with the artist Sumo, the metaverse pioneer in Grand Duchy Mathias Keune and the Luxembourg's dedicated Fintech centre, LHoFT, to offer participants a unique dive into the world of NFT.