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Discover a new monthly podcast: "Startup Corner"

The ‘Startup Corner’ is a monthly podcast in Luxembourgish about startups and innovation in Luxembourg, presented by the House of Startups powered by the Chamber of Commerce and supported by the SCRIPT department of the Ministry of Education.


Jyske Capital extends SimCorp partnership in the front office to boost investment strategies

The new agreement with SimCorp will enable Jyske Capital to increase its trading strategies, within a fixed cost base, delivering consistency and long-term growth… 


Are private equity core system providers ready to address managers’ rising appetite for technology?

The private equity (PE) industry ranges from a myriad of small companies to a few large well-known actors. The smaller players mostly rely on email exchange spreadsheets and basic accounting software to perform critical business operations. While some of the larger players have invested in software systems or developments that only target some business areas.However, as the sector grows, these companies will struggle to manage increasing volumes because they have little overall operational efficiency and scalability. On top of this, regulators require increased reporting and controls and investors demand more accurate reports that are delivered faster with better and more granular data.One strategy to resolve this complexity is to implement one core software package that covers most business domains. This minimizes integration requirements while ensuring the software remains up to date and caters to industry changes. But do these solutions exist on the market? And to what extent do they cover all PE business domains? 

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#PhotoReport: a digitalized edition of the IT One Gala

On December 1st, more than 760 participants connected to follow the first ever live streamed edition of the IT One Gala. Several experts took the stage to share their expertise and vision, before the distribution of the traditional ceremony of the Luxembourg ICT Awards. Re-live this digital edition through the lens of our talented photographer!  

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#ITOne : les 10 articles les plus cliqués en 2020

Redécouvrez aujourd’hui les 10 articles les plus cliqués en 2020, une année si particulière. Au programme de ce Top 10 : Luxembourg ICT Awards, les nouvelles fonctions des experts luxembourgeois, ou encore la crise de la Covid-19. Stay safe !

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Make the world safer with Sogeti Luxembourg

On the occasion of our special Cybersecurity recruitment campaign, our Cyber Experts have created a challenge to test your skills. Take a chance to win one valuable prize and get your dream job! So, ready to take up the challenges?


SimCorp partners with IntelliBonds to offer AI-augmented, fixed income portfolio management

SimCorp, a leading provider of integrated, front-to-back, multi-asset investment management solutions and services to the world’s largest buy-side institutions, today announces a new collaboration with AI fintech, IntelliBonds, to deliver clients access to AI innovation, enhanced portfolio construction and optimization for fixed income portfolios. The partnership will bolster buy-side firms with improved productivity and portfolio returns, using cloud-based, AI-augmented workflows. In response to the evolving fixed income market, the partnership will see SimCorp offer a resilient and consolidated front office solution, for enhanced alpha generation and risk management. It also aims to address the integration headache and subsequent costs that many buy-side firms are facing, after years of accumulated third party tools in the front office.


Central Bank of Sri Lanka selects SimCorp for front-to-back reserve management

SimCorp, a leading provider of integrated, front-to-back, multi-asset investment management solutions and services to the world’s largest buy-side institutions, today announces that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), has signed an agreement with SimCorp Asia Pacific.

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EBRC, 20 years of Digital & Trust, Experience & Lessons Learned - Part 3

2010-2015: IN EUROPE WE TRUST, IN EARTH WE BELIEVE.Ten years after its creation, and after being named one of the Best Kept Secrets in Europe, EBRC entered its third phase with a brand new corporate identity and a strategy built on its core values: EARTH (Excellence, Agility, Responsibility, Trust and Human). In the third part of this 20th anniversary series, Yves Reding, CEO of EBRC, tells us more about his company’s new corporate identity, its diversification in terms of clients, and discusses the early stage of the creation of a digital Europe.

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NTT and SAP Deepen Strategic Global Relationship

NTT Corporation and SAP SE announced a formation of their strategic alliance that creates a holistic partnership, in which both companies serve as each other’s customers, suppliers and co-innovators.

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LuxSE IT Series #4: LuxSE turns to Headless CMS to improve digital experiences

Going deeper into its digital transformation strategy, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) has chosen a new approach to content management and web publishing. Having deployed a robust and flexible Headless Content Management System, LuxSE is now able to provide clients and users with more personalised digital experiences while bringing more agility to development teams.

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La 5G : que va-t-elle vraiment apporter ?

Un débit comparable à la fibre, une latence quasi-nulle et une ultra-connectivité. Les avantages du nouveau réseau mobile sont multiples. Mieux : la 5G va permettre d’explorer de nouveaux usages.