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Tech Luxembourg Farvest Decrypt

POST unveils its 2021 cybersecurity report

The last POST cybersecurity report reveals that 720 security incidents have been detected in 2021. Although the rate is lower compared to 2020, Internet users should beware of three main trendy cyber attacks in Luxembourg. Let’s take a look at this classification!

Tech International

Worldwide PC Shipments Experienced the Sharpest Decline in Nine Years in Second Quarter of 2022

Global PC Market Declined 12.6%; EMEA PC Shipments Dropped 18% in Second Quarter.

Security Tech Luxembourg

Cybersécurité : à bord du SOC de POST, l'esprit serein

Recourir à un Security Operations Center (SOC) en tant qu’organisation permet de s’assurer d’avoir un œil en permanence sur l’activité opérée au niveau de ses systèmes d’information dans l’optique de réagir efficacement et rapidement à toute attaque ou anomalie. Afin de vous permettre de vous en rendre compte, cet article vous invite à vous mettre dans la peau d’un bénéficiaire du SOC de POST.

Tech Luxembourg WomenInIT

Former AWS Snr Product Manager Véronique Ziliotto joins kodehyve as Head of Product

Luxembourg-based Con/PropTech venture kodehyve strengthens its leadership team and onboards Véronique Ziliotto as Head of Product.

Tech Startups International

Commission : nouveau programme européen d'innovation, précurseur de la nouvelle vague d'innovation

La Commission a adopté aujourd'hui un nouveau programme européen d'innovation pour placer l'Europe à la pointe de la nouvelle vague d'innovations et de jeunes entreprises (start-ups) à fort contenu technologique (deep tech). Cette initiative aidera l'Europe à développer et à mettre sur le marché de nouvelles technologies apportant des solutions aux problèmes sociétaux les plus pressants.

Tech Luxembourg AI

Bright prospects for the « Technical Standardisation for Trustworthy ICT, Aerospace, and Construction » (2021-2024) research program team

Since 2017, ILNAS and the University of Luxembourg, via its Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability, and Trust (SnT), have established a partnership to bring technical standardization and scientific research closer. In this context, a new research program, entitled "Technical Standardization for Trustworthy ICT, Aerospace, and Construction" (2021-2024), has been gradually established between the two entities over the past few months. The research team is now complete to develop new ambitious projects combining research and technical standardization.

Tech Luxembourg Sustainability

LIST: 35 success stories to reinvent society

At LIST, we strive to respond to global challenges and to build a society that is simultaneously more resilient, sustainable and digital. The Institute has published its 2021 annual report today, with many success stories: innovative research projects, unique infrastructures and testimonials from our partners.

Tech Digital Legal

Digital Services Package: "a global first"

Back in December 2020, the European Commission introduced a Digital Service Package, gathering both the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The European Parliament and Council succeeded to reach a political agreement on the DMA on March 24, and on the DSA on April 23. 

Tech IT International

Worldwide PC Shipments to Decline 9.5% in 2022

Smartphone Shipments in Greater China Expected to Fall By 18%.

Tech Digital Cloud

Devoteam M Cloud recognized as the winner of Luxembourg 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Devoteam M Cloud today announced it has won the Luxembourg 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year. The company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Tech Luxembourg Space

L'ILNAS publie une nouvelle édition de son Analyse Normative du Secteur Aérospatial

Dans le cadre de la stratégie normative nationale 2020-2030, la nouvelle édition de l’Analyse Normative Sectorielle Aérospatial (ANS Aérospatial) a été présentée lors d’un workshop organisé par l’ILNAS et l’Université du Luxembourg le mercredi 29 juin 2022. Ce document offre une vue d’ensemble du secteur spatial et du contexte normatif associé, tout en encourageant les acteurs nationaux à saisir les opportunités qui leurs sont offertes pour tirer profit de la normalisation, par exemple en s’impliquant activement dans le processus de normalisation.

Tech Digital Cybersecurity

Passwords Are Leaving, Cybercriminals Are Not

This fall, as part of its newest software update, Apple will allow users to make those annoying passwords a thing of the past on apps and online accounts. Microsoft, Google, and about 250 other companies are also seeking to replace passwords with password-less technologies. Passkeys operate as pairs, and each passkey, when generated, is unique. One key sits on the service provider’s server. The other on the user’s device. In the case of Apple, the two keys are connected by Apple on the backend, and the user authenticates this with FaceID or TouchID.