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Tech Digital Luxembourg

La technologie blockchain utilisée pour la digitalisation des prêts étudiants

Le 16 septembre 2021, Claude Meisch, ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, et Marc Hansen, ministre délégué à la Digitalisation, ont présenté la nouvelle procédure de demande des prêts étudiant accordés par l'État luxembourgeois.

Tech Luxembourg Event

ICT Spring Europe 2021: the largest physical event of the year kept all its promises

On September 14 and 15, at the Europe Convention Center Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, a new edition of the global tech conference ICT Spring Europe was held. Organized by Farvest, this two-day event was composed of keynotes, roundtables, meetings and networking allowed experts, managers, start-ups and investors to meet and discuss topical issues and future trends in various sectors: ranging from FinTech to Space, including Cybersecurity, the digitalization of services, the Supply Chain and the development of the start-ups’ ecosystem at the international scale.

Tech Luxembourg Training

The University of Luxembourg Competence Centre collaborates with LuxProvide on trainings related to HPC and MeluXina

Luxembourg has just recently acquired a supercomputer: MeluXina is one of the most powerful machines in Europe. LuxProvide’s mission is to facilitate the access to the use of the computational abilities of this supercomputer.

Tech Luxembourg Startup

Launch of the new edition of Fit 4 Start, with a new HPC and data analytics track

The Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation launch the 12th edition of Fit 4 Start, Luxembourg's acceleration programme. Start-ups active in ICT, Healthtech and Space are invited to apply until 4 October 2021. In addition, a special track focused on HPC and data analytics will allow up to five of the selected start-ups to benefit from a tailored program involving the Luxembourg national HPC MeluXina.

Tech Startup

GAMMA Technologies raises €1 Million in Seed Round from Husqvarna Group

On September 6, GAMMA Technologies announced a new round of Seed funding of €1 Million. This round of funding was led by the internationally successful company, Husqvarna Group.

Tech Space Event

Mastermind Competition: who are the DeepTech and the NewSpace finalists?

As part of a new edition of ICT Spring (September 14th and 15th), the renowned global tech conference organized since 2010, Mastermind Summit will take place on September 15th at the European Conference Center Luxembourg. This event - dedicated to the startup ecosystem - aims to promote and spread best practices, foster emulation between entrepreneurs and VCs and offer recognition to the best international startups of the ecosystem. Mastermind Summit is composed of a 1-day conference and a startup competition (Mastermind Competition) where three key categories are represented: FinTech, DeepTech and NewSpace.

Tech Space Startup

Unseenlabs entrusts the launch of its satellite to the European Arianespace after the American Rocket Lab

French New Space nugget specializing in maritime surveillance, Unseenlabs, after two launches entrusted to the American Rocket Lab, will launch its BRO-4 satellite on August 16 with Arianespace's Vega launcher on August 16, announced Challenges on August 9 . The next day, Arianespace confirmed this information with a press release.

Tech Talents Training

From prison to code and tech: The Last Mile program

The American program The Last Mile prepares incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through business and technology training. Here is a conversation with one of its co-founders, Chris Redlitz.

Tech Digital

Low Code : gagnant avec la RPA, et au-delà…

La RPA et la Smart Automation bénéficient des progrès d’une autre technologie : le Low Code, qui comme son nom l’indique permet de concevoir des applications avec le moins de programmation possible, et donc d’automatiser plus facilement. Mais, bien au-delà, le Low Code pourrait dans certaines limites mettre le développement d’applications variées à la portée de tous.

Tech Digital Architecture

Partenariat stratégique entre Talan et Ubiant pour réinventer les grandes métropoles grâce au jumeau numérique

Talan et Ubiant développent des solutions de jumeau numérique qui permettent d’accélérer la numérisation intégrale des processus, de faire de la prévision multidimensionnelle et d’agir en temps réel au sein des bâtiments et des territoires.

Tech Robotics

Graphene nanotubes make it possible to reduce the cost of enabling touch screen use for prosthetic hand

The use of graphene nanotubes in fingerstalls made of electrically conductive silicones allowed young scientists from Motorica to make functional prosthetic hands that can interact with touch screens. The cost of cyber prostheses with such functions is 10 to 15 times lower than that of the nearest comparable solutions priced up to $30.000.

Tech AI Robotics

Bipedal robot Cassie developed at Oregon State makes history by learning to run, completing 5K

Cassie the robot, invented at Oregon State University (OSU) and produced by OSU spinout company Agility Robotics, has made history by traversing 5 kilometers, completing the route in just over 53 minutes. Ultimately, the goal is to enable parcel deliveries and help individuals with day-to-day activities.