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Digital IT Sustainability

Rethink: Why sustainable product design is the need of the hour

Over 7 in 10 organizations which have implemented sustainable product design have seen increased revenue growth, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. But just 22% of organizations have made sustainability a key component of their product design strategies.

Tech Luxembourg Sustainability

LIST: 35 success stories to reinvent society

At LIST, we strive to respond to global challenges and to build a society that is simultaneously more resilient, sustainable and digital. The Institute has published its 2021 annual report today, with many success stories: innovative research projects, unique infrastructures and testimonials from our partners.

Data & Cloud Tech Sustainability

SAP Cloud Strategy Focuses on Green Data Centers

It takes around 200 terawatt-hours of electricity each year to power all the data centers around the world. That’s almost enough electricity to power South Africa for a year and represents around 1% of global electricity demand.

Expert International Sustainability

Capgemini: World Wealth Report 2022

Capgemini’s World Wealth Report (WWR), published today, reveals the global High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) population grew 7.8% and their wealth grew 8% in 2021 owing to recovering economies being boosted by the stock market. North America continued along its growth trajectory, boasting the highest increase in HNWI population and wealth, 13.2% and 13.8% respectively. From an overall growth rate standpoint, APAC’s lackluster 2021 HNWI growth in population (4.2%) and wealth (5.4%) put the region, which had dominated HNWI growth over the last decade, into third place. Capgemini’s 2022 World Wealth Report examines global wealth movements in the past year, exploring trends and influences on the HWNI population.

AI Sustainability

Can AI help prevent climate change effects?

As Artificial Intelligence is evolving towards helping businesses in diverse sectors, it can also be a real asset for environmental challenges. As UN Secretary-General António Guterres, among other activists, raised the alarm multiple times regarding climate change, can AI help limit its consequences?

IT Data Sustainability

SAP: Report Reveals Gap to Going Green

Recent research by Oxford Economics and SAP SE has uncovered significant barriers to corporate sustainability initiatives.

Environment Data Sustainability

How to Better Manage Disruption with Responsible Value Chains

The global pandemic disrupted business operations and exposed supply chains that were fine-tuned for efficiency but not resilience. Today, the war in Ukraine and the recent lockdowns in China have again put entire value chains under stress.

Tech Space Sustainability

LIST x Daher will develop a welding technology for the assembly of aircraft substructures produced with thermoplastic composites

The French multinational Daher has established a large partnership with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) to mature and optimize a welding technology that enables the assembly of primary aircraft substructures produced with thermoplastic composites.?

Tech Cloud Sustainability

3 Emerging Environmental Sustainability Technologies To Be Adopted by 2025

Cloud sustainability, carbon footprint measurement and advanced grid management software are the three emerging environmental sustainability technologies that will reach early mainstream adoption within one to three years, according to Gartner, Inc. 

Tech Sustainability

Dell Technologies annonce l'extension des Dell Asset Recovery Services

Dell Technologies annonce l’expansion des Dell Asset Recovery Services, qui sont désormais disponibles au Luxembourg. Ce service s’applique à toute marque d’ordinateur fixe ou portable, de serveur, de périphérique ou d’accessoire, et permet aux clients de valoriser leur matériel informatique existant et de mettre en œuvre à grande échelle des services durables de recyclage et de récupération.