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Startups International Farvest Decrypt

Startups: 3 EU funding programs that might interest you

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has created an innovation programme, entitled Horizon Europe, so as to enhance innovations made in the European Union. It presents three specific funding programs so as to support and finance bold and promising startups scale-up and SMEs.

Luxembourg Startups Farvest Decrypt

Startups.lu to stand for national entrepreneurs

Patrick Kersten announced it during ICT Spring, and it is now official since Monday: Startups.lu, the Luxembourg Startups Association, has launched! Vesperia Chief Executive Officer Patrick Kersten will serve as the President of this new national association. What is their project about?

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7 keys to become a super entrepreneur, based on Fabrice Testa’s methodology

How to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur? is a question that has no secret for Fabrice Testa. Business angel, exponential thinker, innovator and author, Fabrice Testa recently published a book entitled Super-Entrepreneurship Decoded, which fastly became #1 Amazon Best Seller. 

Tech Startups International

Commission : nouveau programme européen d'innovation, précurseur de la nouvelle vague d'innovation

La Commission a adopté aujourd'hui un nouveau programme européen d'innovation pour placer l'Europe à la pointe de la nouvelle vague d'innovations et de jeunes entreprises (start-ups) à fort contenu technologique (deep tech). Cette initiative aidera l'Europe à développer et à mettre sur le marché de nouvelles technologies apportant des solutions aux problèmes sociétaux les plus pressants.

Startups Event International

2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report Shows $6.4 Trillion in Global Startup Economy Value Creation

Startup Genome, the world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm, and the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) today launched the 2022 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) at London Tech Week, introduced by JF Gauthier, Founder and CEO of Startup Genome. In its 10th year, the GSER is the world’s most comprehensive, data-driven research on startups with 280+ entrepreneurial innovation ecosystems, rankings of the leading 140 ecosystems, and 3 million startups analyzed.

Luxembourg Startups Talents

A startup ecosystem for acceleration and growth

With a fast-growing entrepreneurial community, Luxembourg is a rising star on the global startup scene. Strategic investments in a favorable environment as well as a dynamic and open-minded business sector attract promising young companies from near and far.

Luxembourg Startups Event

Les 20 start-ups sélectionnées pour le 12e Fit 4 Start dévoilées

Les membres du jury de cette nouvelle édition ont dû choisir parmi un total de 214 candidatures provenant de 42 pays. Cette année, une catégorie supplémentaire, axée sur le calcul haute performance (HPC) et l'analyse de données, a été ajoutée aux 3 verticales traditionnelles (TIC, HealthTech et Space). Parmi les 20 startups retenues, trois ont été sélectionnées dans cette nouvelle catégorie.

Luxembourg Space Startups

ESCRIC launches the world's first start-up support programme dedicated to Space Resources

On October 26th, the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESCRIC) Start up Support Programme (SSP) has been presented by Mathias Link, ESRIC director, in presence of the Luxembourg's Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot and of representatives of the ESA, LSA and LIST. Located in Luxembourg, it is the first programme worldwide dedicated to commercial initiatives in the field of space resources utilization.

Tech Startups Trends

Leila Daneshmandi, Co-Founder & COO Encapsulate: “Be on the constant lookout for new trends that are shaping the future”

The American start-up Encapsulate won the Mastermind Competition in the DeepTech category, as part of ICT Spring Europe in Luxembourg (September 14-15). Our team recently met with its Co-Founder & COO, Leila Daneshmandi.

Tech Space Startups

Pale Blue: “The biggest challenge is the pace at which governments are developing policies for operating in space”

The Japanese start-up Pale Blue won the Mastermind Competition in the NewSpace category, as part of ICT Spring Europe in Luxembourg (September 14-15). Our team recently met its Director of Business Development, Toku Sakai.

Tech Fintech Startups

Mastermind Summit & Competition brought together talented innovators and investors

As part of ICT Spring Europe, Mastermind Summit & Competition took place on September 15th. This event – dedicated to the startup ecosystem – aimed at promoting and spreading best practices, fostering emulation between entrepreneurs and VCs and offering recognition to the best international start-ups of the ecosystem. Mastermind was composed of a 1-day conference and a start-up competition where three key categories were represented: FinTech, DeepTech and NewSpace.

Digital Startups

From start-up to scale-up: how we allowed a start-up’s infrastructure to scale with its growth

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case: “From start-up to scale-up: how we allowed a start-up’s infrastructure to scale with its growth”.