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Luxembourg Training

Planning des formations OXiane : ISTQB Analyste Technique – GASQ – MongoDB

En novembre, l’institut de formation luxembourgeois OXiane propose, entre autres, des formations ISTQB Analyste Technique, GASQ et MongoDB. 

Luxembourg Data

Standardization in action: Did you know that the SQL language is based on international standards?

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a company that does not have a database to manage its activities. Indeed, many processes related to the operation of a company use relational databases, whether this is to manage customers, track orders, or for any other activity requiring the storage and retrieval of data. 

Luxembourg IT Event

Gala IT One: The largest networking event of the IT industry in the Grand Duchy

The 2021 edition of Gala IT One will be held on December 7th at LuxExpo the Box in Luxembourg. Gala IT One annually gathers the IT Community for a unique conference, an enriching networking cocktail and a prestigious Gala Dinner.

Tech Luxembourg Space

ESRIC and Airbus Defence and Space to collaborate on lunar resources extraction technologies

This Strategic Partnership will support the development of key European In-Situ Resources Utilisation technologies, accelerating the development of the Moon Economy around Space Resources.

Tech Luxembourg Space

Luxembourg signs a new framework agreement on space cooperation with Paris and a memorandum with Roma

The Dubai World Expo is an opportunity for Luxembourg to strengthen its network and reinforce its action in the space sector.

Luxembourg Space Startups

ESCRIC launches the world's first start-up support programme dedicated to Space Resources

On October 26th, the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESCRIC) Start up Support Programme (SSP) has been presented by Mathias Link, ESRIC director, in presence of the Luxembourg's Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot and of representatives of the ESA, LSA and LIST. Located in Luxembourg, it is the first programme worldwide dedicated to commercial initiatives in the field of space resources utilization.

Expert Luxembourg Cybersecurity

ILNAS presents its new Sectoral Standards Analysis for the ICT sector during Cybersecurity Week 2021

ILNAS has released its new Sectoral Standards Analysis (Analyse Normative Sectorielle, or ANS) for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. The document provides an overview of the active standardization technical committees within 16 ICT "sub-sectors", allowing Luxembourg market players to quickly identify the most relevant standardization work for their business.

Luxembourg Software Training

ISTQB Test Manager, Hermes et Azure au menu des formations OXiane

En novembre, l’institut de formation luxembourgeois OXiane propose, entre autres, des formations ISTQB Test Manager, Hermes et Azure.

Luxembourg Cybersecurity

Une plateforme «Cyber Range» pour la Défense luxembourgeoise

Le 20 octobre, le Vice-Premier ministre, ministre de la Défense, François Bausch, a procédé au lancement de la plateforme "Cyber Range" de la Défense luxembourgeoise.

Tech Luxembourg Software

iNUI Studio lève des fonds pour diffuser sa technologie sans contact AIR TOUCH® à l’international

Afin de financer un ambitieux plan de développement, la société iNUI Studio SA, propriétaire des marques et brevets relatifs à la technologie d’interaction sans contact AIR TOUCH, a pris la décision de modifier la structure de son capital et de faire entrer de nouveaux capitaux luxembourgeois. 

Luxembourg Software Training

Rendez-vous chez OXiane pour des formations UML, ISO 27005, PECB, Agilité et AgilePM

L’institut de formation luxembourgeois OXiane propose fin octobre et en novembre des formations UML, ISO 27005, PECB, Agilité et AgilePM.

Expert Security Luxembourg

Remise du trophée «Délégué national en normalisation» 2021

Le 14 octobre marque la célébration de la journée mondiale de la Normalisation. L’occasion pour l’ILNAS de remercier l’ensemble de la communauté des délégués nationaux en normalisation qui contribue à améliorer notre quotidien en participant à la création des normes de demain, que cela soit au niveau national, européen ou international. C’est aussi lors de cette journée que l’ILNAS récompense l’investissement exceptionnel d’une personne impliquée dans la normalisation via la remise du trophée «Délégué national en normalisation».