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Digital Services Package: "a global first"

Back in December 2020, the European Commission introduced a Digital Service Package, gathering both the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The European Parliament and Council succeeded to reach a political agreement on the DMA on March 24, and on the DSA on April 23. 

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USB-C to be the universal EU charger-port by 2024

On June 8, the European Union (EU) passed a provisional agreement to generalize USB type-C as the unique charger for electronic devices in the European Union. This agreement will take effect in fall 2024. Concretely, what will it change? 

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MEPs’ Silicon Valley visit: redefining worldwide digital economy

From May 23 to 27, an Internal Market Committee delegation visited key US-based tech companies in Silicon Valley, California (US). This 5-day mission consisted of sharing the latest digital market insights in the United States with tech-leading actors.

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DSA: Commission agreed on rules for a safe online environment

The Commission welcomes the swift political agreement reached today between the European Parliament and EU Member States on the proposal on the Digital Services Act (DSA), proposed by the Commission in December 2020. The DSA sets out an unprecedented new standard for the accountability of online platforms regarding illegal and harmful content. It will provide better protection for internet users and their fundamental rights, as well as define a single set of rules in the internal market, helping smaller platforms to scale up.

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European Parliament selects consortium composed of CGI, Uni Systems and EDDA Luxembourg to manage and digitally transform its core systems

The European Parliament has chosen a consortium composed of CGI in Luxembourg (lead partner), Uni Systems, and Edda Luxembourg to oversee the management and modernization of its core business systems. The consortium’s work will enable the European Parliament to digitally transform its operations, driving efficiencies and cost savings, as well as improving its legislative services for the ultimate benefit of citizens across Europe. 

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Accord sur la législation sur les marchés numériques: une concurrence équitable et plus de choix pour les utilisateurs

Jeudi soir, les négociateurs du Parlement et du Conseil ont trouvé un accord sur de nouvelles règles européennes visant à limiter le pouvoir de marché des grandes plateformes en ligne.

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EU justice cancels record fine against Intel

The European Commission’s analysis is incomplete and does not make it possible to establish to the requisite legal standard that the rebates at issue were capable of having, or likely to have, anticompetitive effects, explains the General Court of the European Union. Its decision can still be appealed to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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European Parliament presents draft legislation on digital services

On January 20, the European Parliament presented its position on the draft legislation on digital services. The Digital Services Act (DSA) promotes better regulation of the operation of platforms and the prohibition of illegal content online.

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Amazon fined €1.1bn in Italy for abuse of dominant position

On December 9th, the Italian Antitrust Authority (IAA) hit Amazon with a record fine of €1.1 bn for abuse of dominant position in the Italian market for intermediation services on e-commerce marketplaces.

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Comment les normes contribuent-elles à l'interopérabilité et à la sécurité et confidentialité des dispositifs IoT?

L'internet des objets (Internet of Things, ou IoT) fait désormais partie de notre vie. L'utilisation omniprésente de nombreux appareils IoT, tels que les caméras intelligentes, les thermostats intelligents, les hubs domestiques connectés, les serrures de porte à distance et divers appareils contrôlés par des applications, démontre l’importance croissante de cette technologie dans notre société. L'IoT devient essentiel non seulement pour les consommateurs, mais également pour les industries qui peuvent automatiser des processus et augmenter leur efficacité opérationnelle.

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Google loses appeal of €2.42 billion fine in EU antitrust case

The Luxembourg-based General Court of the European Union largely dismisses Google’s action against the decision of the European Commission finding that Google abused its dominant position by favouring its own comparison shopping service over competing comparison shopping services.