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How do we cope with the Cloud Innovation speed? People & skills are the key…

By Irina Neagu Muceli, Head of Sales, Marketing & Communication, Elgon.In the last years the IT landscape shifted from the traditional on-premises world to the sophisticated sparkling Cloud services; Luxembourg is now ready to embrace the digital transformation and take benefit of the innovation to stay ahead in the competitive economic global landscape.

Experts Luxembourg Talents

Luxembourg ICT Awards 2020: who are the winners?

After an insightful conference session with several keynote speakers sharing their expertise, many digital participants gathered to attend the remote ceremony of the Luxembourg ICT Awards. The ceremony was sponsored by Deloitte Luxembourg and moderated by Lisa Burke.

Experts Luxembourg Training

OXiane : quelles formations et sous quels formats en 2021 ?

En cette fin d’année 2020, marquée par la crise de la COVID ayant obligé les sociétés à transformer leurs organisations, rencontre avec Nathalie Thielemans (Managing Director, OXiane Luxembourg) pour discuter de la rentrée 2021 de l’institut de formation. Ces derniers mois, OXiane a proposé toute une série de formations via son outil LVC (Live Virtual Class) qui a grandement satisfait ses utilisateurs : cette tendance digitale devrait donc perdurer.

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Franz Fayot annonce la prolongation du programme Fit 4 Resilience pour aider les entreprises à se relancer

Le ministre de l'Économie Franz Fayot a annoncé la prolongation, jusqu'au 31 décembre 2021, du programme stratégique de relance Fit 4 Resilience initié par le ministère de l'Économie et géré par Luxinnovation.

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A KYC Utility Made in Luxembourg, Powered by EBRC and validated by leading banks

The ongoing digital transformation of banks – and financial institutions in general – is not new. Yet, digital is so vast and the amount of work to be done so important that new entrants are able to provide innovative services focusing on specific aspects. Pascal Morosini (CEO, i-Hub) and Abdelha Tayeb (CIO, i-Hub) tell us more about the creation of the i-Hub RegTech, describing its value proposition while discussing their collaboration with BGL BNP Paribas and Fernand Lepage (Director KYC Office, BGL BNP Paribas). The experts also focused on the added value of EBRC and its key participation in making this collaboration a success.

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Participate to the Digital ICT Week

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its Enterprise Europe Network, together with Farvest Group, will organise the DIGITAL ICT Week from 30th November to 4th December 2020. The event will take place virtually and will integrate several highlights such as the IT One Gala and the Web Summit side event.

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Top performing organizations are prioritizing digital innovation during the pandemic

Top performing organisations are accelerating digital innovation and leveraging emerging technologies to come out stronger on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Gartner, Inc.’s annual global survey of CIOs. 2021 will be a race to digital, with the spoils going to those organisations that can maintain the momentum built up during their response to the pandemic.

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Kenza Bouzouraa, nouvelle CEO d'Ainos pour de nouveaux défis

Ainos, société spécialisée en développement, conseils et solutions digitales, vient d’annoncer la nomination de Kenza Bouzouraa en tant que CEO. Elle succède à Dominique Peiffer, fondateur d’Elgon et Ainos, qui restera au conseil d’administration de cette dernière.  Anciennement Head of Sales pour Elgon, puis Deputy Director pour Ainos, Kenza travaille pour les deux entités depuis 2014.


Gartner Says Organisations Should Strive for Composability to Be Resilient and Agile During Uncertainty

CIOs and IT leaders who use composability to deal with continuing business disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors will make their organisations more resilient, more sustainable and make more meaningful contributions, according to Gartner, Inc. 

Experts Digital Fintech

Surfing the waves of change: Is it the calm before the storm for Luxembourg banks?

Consumer behavior is changing. Nowadays, most of us are used to shopping online, watching films and listening to music on digital platforms, working remotely from home, and even interacting with medical professionals via video-consultations. These ongoing changes have been accelerated due to the current global pandemic. Banks are not being spared from the consequences of these changing habits. In the ocean of possibilities, will they sink or swim? Accenture’s 2020 Market Pulse Survey measured current experience and future expectations of banking customers in Luxembourg. Based on the findings, this article provides a few recommendations that can help banks to master the waves of change.

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L’intelligence artificielle dans l’UE : le juste milieu entre les avantages et le contrôle

Par Angeliki Dedopoulou, Senior Manager, EU Public Affairs, Huawei Technologies.Lors de son premier discours devant le Parlement européen en décembre 2019, la présidente de la Commission européenne a officiellement reconnu que l’« intelligence artificielle » représentait un axe stratégique pour l’Union européenne. Neuf mois plus tard, alors qu’elle s’adressait de nouveau au Parlement européen pour son premier « discours sur l’état de l’Union », elle adopta l’acronyme « IA » plutôt que la dénomination complète, tant cette technologie est désormais connue au sein de la « bulle » européenne. Ce n’est pas étonnant puisque l’IA est déployée dans la plupart des secteurs économiques, voire tous, des diagnostics médicaux à la réduction de l’impact environnemental de l’agriculture.

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Márton Fülöp joins PM-International as Chief Technology Officer

PM-International AG has strengthened its leadership team with the appointment of Márton Fülöp as new Chief Technology Officer. An IT engineer specialized in cybernetics and quality management, Fülöp brings almost 20 years of experience in web development, agile methodologies, and IT project management, including 10 years at Docler Holding, where he led major projects and transformation processes as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Innovation Officer. In 2018, Fülöp was awarded Luxembourg CIO of the Year.