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Rakuten lance "Rakuten DX" pour stimuler la créativité et l'innovation dans l'expérience numérique

Rakuten, Inc., annonce le lancement de Rakuten DX, anciennement Rakuten Aquafadas. L'entreprise élargit son domaine d'action en matière de création d'expériences numériques en accompagnant les entreprises dans cette transformation. Elle propose des solutions haut de gamme pour maximiser l'engagement du public vis-à-vis des marques. Alors que l'industrie se prépare à accueillir, selon les prévisions, 500 millions de nouvelles applications au cours des trois prochaines années, Rakuten DX est parfaitement positionnée pour répondre à une demande en forte croissance.

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A KYC Utility Made in Luxembourg, Powered by EBRC and validated by leading banks

The ongoing digital transformation of banks – and financial institutions in general – is not new. Yet, digital is so vast and the amount of work to be done so important that new entrants are able to provide innovative services focusing on specific aspects. Pascal Morosini (CEO, i-Hub) and Abdelha Tayeb (CIO, i-Hub) tell us more about the creation of the i-Hub RegTech, describing its value proposition while discussing their collaboration with BGL BNP Paribas and Fernand Lepage (Director KYC Office, BGL BNP Paribas). The experts also focused on the added value of EBRC and its key participation in making this collaboration a success.

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Weathering the storms of change: Can Luxembourg’s insurers sail to new digital horizons?

For the 2nd consecutive year, Accenture and Bâloise Assurances Luxembourg surveyed more than 1000 consumers on their current experience of insurance services and their future expectations. Our 2020 Market Pulse Survey (MPS) reveals that to successfully outmaneuver the complexities of changing consumer behaviors, accentuated by the current global pandemic, insurers must repivot towards digital and infuse personalization in their core services.  

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Vision stratégique & Intelligence Artificielle: le gouvernement lance une consultation publique

Ce 20 novembre 2020, le gouvernement met en œuvre un élément essentiel de sa vision stratégique en matière d'Intelligence Artificielle (IA) en lançant une consultation publique sur la perception de l'IA auprès de la population et des acteurs sociétaux.

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Participate to the Digital ICT Week

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its Enterprise Europe Network, together with Farvest Group, will organise the DIGITAL ICT Week from 30th November to 4th December 2020. The event will take place virtually and will integrate several highlights such as the IT One Gala and the Web Summit side event.

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Indigo confie le déploiement de sa nouvelle plateforme Microsoft Teams à Telindus

Le spécialiste des réseaux de stationnement Indigo Park Luxembourg a choisi Telindus pour déployer sa nouvelle plateforme de collaboration unifiée. Haut niveau de compétence, fortes capacités d'intégration, culture de la sécurité, gestion du changement : la combinaison de ces facteurs de succès a convaincu Indigo de faire appel au leader des services convergents ICT et télécom au Luxembourg.

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"The world is changing and many sectors will look to digital to ensure their future"

On September 16th, Nasir Zubairi (CEO, LHoFT) took the stage and officially opened the 2020 edition of the Fintech Summit. Re-live his speech by playing the video.

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A Digital Alliance for “Space” within GAIA-X

3DS OUTSCALE, CS GROUP, EBRC and RHEA Group join their forces to develop new Trusted Services for the fast growing and sensitive “Space” industry, following and thereby stimulating the European GAIA-X initiative.

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Top performing organizations are prioritizing digital innovation during the pandemic

Top performing organisations are accelerating digital innovation and leveraging emerging technologies to come out stronger on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Gartner, Inc.’s annual global survey of CIOs. 2021 will be a race to digital, with the spoils going to those organisations that can maintain the momentum built up during their response to the pandemic.

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BGL BNP Paribas enters into a strategic partnership with i-Hub

BGL BNP Paribas subscribes to i-Hub KYC services and takes a financial stake in the start-up. Launched by POST Group Luxembourg in 2019, i-Hub specialises in the automation of KYC processes via a centralised digital and secure storage solution for the personal data and supporting documents of financial institutions’ clients.

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Kenza Bouzouraa, nouvelle CEO d'Ainos pour de nouveaux défis

Ainos, société spécialisée en développement, conseils et solutions digitales, vient d’annoncer la nomination de Kenza Bouzouraa en tant que CEO. Elle succède à Dominique Peiffer, fondateur d’Elgon et Ainos, qui restera au conseil d’administration de cette dernière.  Anciennement Head of Sales pour Elgon, puis Deputy Director pour Ainos, Kenza travaille pour les deux entités depuis 2014.

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Surfing the waves of change: Is it the calm before the storm for Luxembourg banks?

Consumer behavior is changing. Nowadays, most of us are used to shopping online, watching films and listening to music on digital platforms, working remotely from home, and even interacting with medical professionals via video-consultations. These ongoing changes have been accelerated due to the current global pandemic. Banks are not being spared from the consequences of these changing habits. In the ocean of possibilities, will they sink or swim? Accenture’s 2020 Market Pulse Survey measured current experience and future expectations of banking customers in Luxembourg. Based on the findings, this article provides a few recommendations that can help banks to master the waves of change.