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Digital Services

Apps & Platforms: Converting ideas into reliable, scalable and innovative solutions

What is Apps & Platforms? Positive Thinking Company specialized teams design and build digital solutions for high growth companies, using cutting-edge technologies to solve the most complex business challenges. Through project delivery, extending in-house capabilities through Dedicated Teams, or launching production centers with their B.O.T. model, Positive Thinking Company gives its clients the competitive edge they need for long-term success.

Expert Digital Luxembourg

Crowdtesting, une approche plus flexible du test digital

Fort d’une expérience de plus de 20 ans, CTG se positionne comme un acteur majeur dans le test digital. Avec plus de 500 testeurs répartis dans 7 pays, CTG propose un accompagnement sur-mesure et une offre adaptée. Le développement d’internet et la multiplicité des outils de communication ont fait que les entreprises ont dû revoir et optimiser leurs développements IT.

Digital Luxembourg Cloud

Blacknut and POST Luxembourg first to extend 5G Cloud Gaming service to iOS mobile devices

POST Luxembourg becomes the world’s first mobile operator to extend cloud gaming services to Apple iPhones and iPads through Blacknut’s new Progressive Web App (PWA).

Digital Luxembourg Services

POST lance une nouvelle solution unique de collaboration et de communication, en intégrant Cisco Webex dans CloudPBX

Afin de répondre à un besoin croissant d’outils digitaux de collaboration en entreprise et de solutions de téléphonie virtualisée, POST Telecom rassemble, sous l’appellation «CloudPBX with Cisco Webex», toutes les fonctionnalités de téléphonie avancées et de collaboration dans une seule application.

Digital Automation

Étude Fujitsu : La concurrence croissante entraîne des progrès rapides dans l'automatisation et la production durable

La concurrence mondiale croissante pousse les fabricants à adapter rapidement leur façon de travailler, selon un nouveau sondage Fujitsu. L'étude a examiné la technologie de production utilisée par les leaders des TIC dans 17 pays et confirme que l'automatisation est la principale préoccupation pour améliorer la qualité et l'efficacité. Notons également que la durabilité arrive également en tête de liste des nouveaux investissements dans les TIC.

Digital Services

Positive Thinking Company is now Microsoft Gold Partner

Positive Thinking Company is proud to announce that it is now a Microsoft Gold Partner. This accreditation places Positive Thinking Company in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide. Positive Thinking Company has been working with Microsoft for many years to support its customers’ transition to digital work environments by increasing end-user productivity while ensuring security and compliance.

Digital Luxembourg

The first Open Insurance API is now available in the LUXHUB Marketplace

Bâloise Assurances, an already recognized leader of retail digital insurance, and LUXHUB, an award-winning European Open Finance Hub, are announcing June 15th the launch of a joint initiative in the field of Open Insurance. This partnership will enable financial institutions to integrate mortgage insurance quotes directly within their core banking systems. The Bâloise Open Insurance API (Application Programming Interface) is now available in the LUXHUB Marketplace.

Digital Economy

Five largest internet companies hit 1.7 million employees, a 60% increase in a year

The digital transformation fuelled by the Covid-19 has speeded up the growth of the world's largest internet companies. Today, these tech giants employ more people than ever and generate revenue counted in tens and hundreds of billions of dollars.

Digital Data

SAP récompense ses clients avec les Best of Customer Success Awards 2021

SAP a présenté le 10 juin ses Best of Customer Success Awards 2021. Les lauréats sont des clients qui ont excellé dans la planification et l'exécution de leur implémentation SAP au cours de l'année écoulée et qui en ont tiré des avantages mesurables. Au total, neuf clients ont été récompensés au cours d'une cérémonie de remise de prix en ligne. Galapagos, INNO et Terumo figurent parmi les récompensés.

Digital Economy

EY: Covid-19 accelerates interest in 5G, support is needed to implement

The pandemic has prompted greater interest in 5G and IoT for 52% of organizations. 64% of businesses are struggling to identify the right 5G strategy vendor. 18% of organization respondents see telecoms as digital transformation experts.

Digital Luxembourg

NTT: AXA Luxembourg builds their software-defined future on hyperconverged infrastructure to help meet heightened customer expectations

NTT Ltd Luxembourg worked together with AXA in Luxembourg to modernize their core infrastructure to overcome performance constraints and position AXA as a more customer-focused organization. The teams deployed a hyperconverged infrastructure solution based on Dell and VMware technologies. This ensures that they can continue to support their legacy applications while setting the stage for a hybrid future. They have already seen the performance benefits of the move with lower operating costs, and significantly improved system performance across their application environment.

Security Digital Luxembourg

Elgon has earned the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialization

Elgon announced on June 7th it has earned the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialization, a validation of a partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience and expertise in deploying, scaling and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure.