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IT Development

Exploiting CVE-2018-5093 on Firefox 56 and 57 – PART2: gaining code execution

The purpose of this project is to obtain an initial access during Red Team or Adversary Simulation exercises by gaining code execution through the exploitation of an integer overflow vulnerability in FireFox 56/57.

Digital Services Development

Digital Networks Help to Inoculate Businesses against Catching a Cold

When businesses sneeze or even succumb to the sniffles, they render trading partners vulnerable to catching a cold. Just ask procurement professionals about the congestion that has ailed business-to-business commerce ever since the onset of the pandemic and its viral variants.

Luxembourg Development Data

Developing tyres of the future with LIST-Goodyear partnership agreement

For the past six years, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Goodyear have collaborated to achieve significant results in the areas of material research, understanding of structure-property relationships and data science.?

Tech Fintech Development

Nexo : lancement de la première cryptocarte

Last week, the DeFiance Capital founder Arthur Cheong warned about cyberattacks coming from North Korea. He warned on Twitter that Lazarus, a cybercrime group run by North Korea, is “targeting almost all crypto organizations now”. 

Event Development Cybersecurity

«Table ronde virtuelle : Comment fournir et maintenir des applications sécurisées et durables?»

La création d’une application peut être un processus assez long et pénible. Si vous l’avez vécu, vous savez que c’est un euphémisme. De la livraison à la surveillance continue, de nombreuses parties prenantes sont impliquées, et chacun ont leurs défis et exigences uniques. Comment concilier les l’architecture des solutions avec la vision et les préoccupations de visibilité du responsable de service ? Qu’en est-il des impératifs de sécurité du RSSI?

Luxembourg Development

Throwback to Docler Holding’s challenge @ Game of Code 2021

During this international and digital edition, the participants had the opportunity to take up Docler Holding’s challenge. Indeed, this 6th edition of Game of Code gathered worldwide contestants who created innovative solutions to both proposed challenges. Our team met with Kolos Kaszaly, Chief Technology Officer to discuss this unique hackathon.

Tech Luxembourg Development

Throwback to Raiffeisen’s challenge @ Game of Code 2021

The 6th edition of Game of Code went international and digital. This year, the competition was supported by Banque Raiffeisen (alongside Docler Holding), who provided the organizers - and the participants - with an innovative challenge. Our team met with Sophie Macri, Head of Communication, to discuss this hackathon made in Luxembourg...with participants coming from all over the world.

Tech Development

Discover the results of the Game of Code World Cup

The 6th edition of Game of Code, the hackathon made in Luxembourg, took place over the weekend, from April 9 to April 11, with international teams competiting and answering to the challenges cooked by the event’s partners. Held in a full digital setting, this international edition of Game of Code saw the participation of over 60 developers and coders, coming from 10 countries from Ethiopia to Italy and even from the Philippines.

Tech Digital Development

Game of Code 2021: discover the challenges…and register now!

This year’s digital edition of Game of Code, the hackathon made in Luxembourg, is to take place in just a couple of days, from April 9th to April 11th. Discover the challenges cooked by our partners and register now to showcase your skills and highlight your expertise. 3, 2, 1…Code!