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Game of Code 2021 goes digital...and international!

The hackathon made in Luxembourg is back! Just like last year, Game of Code will be organized in a full digital mode, from April 9th to 11th. In total, the competition will last 36 hours, where teams of coders from all around the world are welcome: will they be able to solve the challenges cooked specifically by the events’ partners?

Luxembourg Talents Dev

Claude Meisch introduit progressivement le coding dans l'enseignement de l'école luxembourgeoise

Le ministre de l'Éducation nationale, de l'Enfance et de la Jeunesse, Claude Meisch, a profité du lancement de la Semaine européenne du code, le 12 octobre 2020, pour présenter le projet "Einfach kodéieren" (coder, tout simplement) qui introduit progressivement le coding dans l'enseignement de l'école luxembourgeoise.

Luxembourg Talents Dev

Game of Code 2020: 36 hours of code, 7 hours on Zoom, 0 hour of sleep

From October 8 to October 10, 130 development experts from all over the World registered for the 5th edition of Game of Code, the well-known Luxembourgish hackathon - this year, held exclusively online. The event ran smoothly thanks to the technical partners’ tools and platforms, and the sponsors of Game of Code who challenged the participants on the topics of Open Banking, Open Data and social inclusion, as well as focusing on the current issues arising from the crisis, with the “Hack the Future” challenge.

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Game of Code Memories, with Bruno Wozniak

A new digital edition of Game of Code will be organized next October 9th, 10th and 11th. Due to the current health situation, the hackathon made in Luxembourg will be held online, but developers will still be able to showcase their skills and work on innovative challenges. Bruno Wozniak, Vice President Digital Innovation at SES Satellites, recalls his best Game of Code memories.


Discover why you should take up LUXHUB's Open Banking challenge at Game of Code

The Game of Code team met with Jacques Pütz, CEO of LUXHUB, to discuss the Open Banking challenge they are proposing, as well as why developers should participate to hackathons and why they should chose to take up LUXHUB's challenge this year. The Open Banking challenge asks the participants to ideate and implement a new integrated product based on real Open Banking use cases provided by the sponsor.


Game of Code 2020: a digital edition

The hackathon is back in Luxembourg…with a twist. Due to the current health situation, the organizers have turned the 2020 edition into a 100% online competition, with a 36-hour coding sprint. Participating teams of coders will do their best to solve - over the weekend - the three challenges cooked by the event’s partners, starting on October 9th.