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Digital Fintech Data

3-year anniversary of Circular CAA 18/9: How life insurers can leverage digitalisation to fine-tune their risk scoring

On 22 October 2018, the Luxembourg insurance sector regulator, the Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA), issued an impactful text in the form of CAA Circular 18/9 introducing new harmonized evaluation questionnaires relating to risks of exposure to money laundering and terrorism financing for life-insurance companies.

Digital Luxembourg Data

Foyer pursues the dematerialisation of its processes through its 100% digital health insurance strategy

For several years now, Foyer has been investing and developing projects for the dematerialisation of its documents, whether internal or intended for its customers.

Fintech Data AI

Data Analytics and AI: What has changed for Luxembourg companies in the past two years?

PwC Luxembourg has just released the results of its survey: “Use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 2021 - What has changed for Luxembourg companies in the past two years?”. The survey was conducted on-line by PwC Luxembourg through a self-administered questionnaire. Based on a set of questions originally developed by PwC France and Usine Digitale, it queried a sample of respondents including Heads of IT, Operations, Risks, Data or Digital among others.

Security Data Cybersecurity

Dell Technologies redéfinit le NAS à l'ère des données

Pour répondre à la demande continue de flexibilité, Dell Technologies annonce des innovations pour Dell EMC PowerScale, la solution NAS évolutive la plus flexible au monde. Ces nouvelles améliorations offrent des capacités de consommation, de gestion, de protection et de sécurité plus flexibles pour éliminer les silos de données et aider les clients à utiliser efficacement les données non structurées pour innover en toute confiance.

Expert Data

Data Governance Fundamentals

Positive Thinking Company presents its view on the fundamental concepts of Data Governance.

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Solving Healthcare's Greatest Challenges: The essential wrap-up of ICT Spring Day 2

Using technology to solve some of the health sector’s most pressing issues was the focus of the afternoon session of ICT Spring Day 2. The talks showcased some of the most innovative and collaborative projects in the field today, bringing together experts from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy, medical officers, doctors, health policymakers, and others.

Expert Digital Data

How data-powered organizations outperform their competitors

In the latest Capgemini Research Institute report, discover how Sogeti Luxembourg can help your organization become a data master.

Data Robotics Automation

Management of invoicing on profit centers with RPA

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case of management of invoicing on profit centers with RPA.

Data Robotics Automation

Creation of an RPA Booster for the Automotive Industry

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case of a creation of an RPA booster for the automotive industry.

Security Mobile Data

GDPR: Record fine of €225 million for WhatsApp

On September 2, the Irish digital authority (Data Protection Commission, DPC), struck WhatsApp, a subsidiary of social media giant Facebook, with a record fine of 225 million euros for violating European regulations on the protection of personal data (GDPR). This fine is the largest ever imposed by the Irish regulator and the 2nd largest by a digital regulator in Europe.

Digital Data AI

Collaborative innovation at the center of digital health

Digital health, or digital healthcare, is a broad, multidisciplinary concept that includes concepts from an intersection between technology and healthcare. Digital health applies digital transformation to the healthcare sector, incorporating software, hardware and services. Under its umbrella, digital health includes mobile health (mHealth) apps, electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, as well as personalized tailored health solutions.

Luxembourg Data Cybersecurity

Des données personnelles exposées par erreur sur le site du Parlement luxembourgeois

C’est un «utilisateur averti» qui a donné l’alerte. Plus de 24000 noms et lieux de résidence de signataires de pétitions publiques ont été rendus visibles sur le site chd.lu alors qu’ils n’auraient pas dû l’être, indique la Chambre des députés, qui parle d’une «erreur technique», dans un communiqué diffusé le 4 août.