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Tech Event Data

Data-first companies: survivability from the unexpected

On June 30th and July 1st, at LuxExpo a new edition of the global tech conference ICT Spring Europe was held. The first afternoon inside the Data Room was dedicated to European sovereignty empowered by Cloud Computing and Data Management.

Tech Data Farvest Decrypt

A perfect timing for EU4Health programme

How could we shape the future of healthcare in an ecosystem increasingly defined by interoperable data, open yet secure platforms and consumer-driven care?

Digital Data Automation

How Manufacturers Supercharge Massive Supply Chain Advantage with Industry 4.0

Buffeted by all manner of disruptions – the pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and trade wars to name a few – manufacturers have elevated Industry 4.0 from shop floor tactic to business-led strategy. While automation may have begun in the factory, in an ultra-dynamic market where anything can and does happen, intelligence has kick-started the next digitalized revolution across industrial manufacturing.

Digital Data AI

La valorisation des données au service de la performance marketing

La donnée est la ressource centrale de l’économie numérique, levier incontournable de création de valeur. L’enjeu, pour les entreprises, est de parvenir à gérer les données à leur disposition et de les valoriser au regard du besoin de leur activité. En s’appuyant sur la plateforme de Data Intelligence développée par POST, et une expertise en data science, les organisations peuvent parvenir à extraire des informations utiles et de l’intelligence des données à leur disposition.

Luxembourg Development Data

Developing tyres of the future with LIST-Goodyear partnership agreement

For the past six years, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Goodyear have collaborated to achieve significant results in the areas of material research, understanding of structure-property relationships and data science.?

Security Data AI

Data is a major asset for all organizations

Data is a product that companies produce and exploit in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow in a highly competitive market, to adapt to growing regulations, and to benefit from the technological revolution represented by AI.

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Japan set a new record for data transmission speed

On May 30, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan declared that its research team set a new record in terms of data transmission speed. Although 5G is still in progress and promises faster speed, the NICT researchers defy the speed limits. 

IT Data Sustainability

SAP: Report Reveals Gap to Going Green

Recent research by Oxford Economics and SAP SE has uncovered significant barriers to corporate sustainability initiatives.

Data Cybersecurity AI

5 trends in privacy through 2024

By 2024, 75% of the Global Population Will Have Its Personal Data Covered Under Privacy Regulations.

Environment Data Sustainability

How to Better Manage Disruption with Responsible Value Chains

The global pandemic disrupted business operations and exposed supply chains that were fine-tuned for efficiency but not resilience. Today, the war in Ukraine and the recent lockdowns in China have again put entire value chains under stress.

Infrastructures Telco Data

Dell: T-Mobile's 5G Advanced Network Solutions Bring Compute to the Edge

T-Mobile and Dell Technologies are joining forces to develop solutions that will make it easier for enterprise and government customers to embrace the 5G era. T-Mobile's 5G Private Mobile Network – announced today as part of 5G Advanced Network Solutions – will bring customers the power of 5G connectivity combined with Dell’s edge computing technologies at the location of their choice. This will give enterprises the superfast speeds, ultra-low latency, and control they need to use new applications that can help to increase revenue and lower costs.  

IT Data Cybersecurity

La cybersécurité est plus importante que jamais en 2022

En collaboration avec la professeure Sally Eaves, de la Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research, le leader mondial des produits de mémoire et des solutions technologiques, Kingston Technology, a récemment organisé une séance de questions-réponses sur la cybersécurité. Il est apparu que tout le monde peut être victime d’une cyberattaque et qu’une politique de cybersécurité bien pensée joue un rôle important dans la prévention.