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Digital AI Automation

80% of Executives Think Automation Can Be Applied to Any Business Decision

A recent survey by Gartner, Inc. found that 80% of executives think automation can be applied to any business decision. As automation becomes embedded in digital business, the survey revealed how organizations are evolving their use of artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their automation strategies.

AI Automation Trends

Continuous Intelligence: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

With the growing volume, complexity, and velocity of data, it’s no surprise that businesses often consider only small subsets of what’s available for analytics. Research suggests that several of today’s best-of-class application operators are using less than 6% of their collected data.

Digital Data Automation

How Manufacturers Supercharge Massive Supply Chain Advantage with Industry 4.0

Buffeted by all manner of disruptions – the pandemic, geopolitical conflicts, and trade wars to name a few – manufacturers have elevated Industry 4.0 from shop floor tactic to business-led strategy. While automation may have begun in the factory, in an ultra-dynamic market where anything can and does happen, intelligence has kick-started the next digitalized revolution across industrial manufacturing.

Data & Cloud AI Automation

Gartner: Half of Cloud Data Centers Will Deploy Robots with AI Capabilities by 2025

By 2025, half of cloud data centers will deploy advanced robots with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, resulting in 30% higher operating efficiency, according to Gartner, Inc.    

Data & Cloud Expert Automation

Pour ne pas rester coincé à l’ère des données, il faut accélérer sur l’automatisation

Article d’Arnaud Bacros (photo), General Manager chez Dell Technologies Belgique et Luxembourg

Digital Services Automation

Robotic reporting on SAP Solution Manager

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case of Robotic reporting on SAP Solution Manager.

Data Robotics Automation

Management of invoicing on profit centers with RPA

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case of management of invoicing on profit centers with RPA.

Data Robotics Automation

Creation of an RPA Booster for the Automotive Industry

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case of a creation of an RPA booster for the automotive industry.

AI Robotics Automation

Supply Chain: “The right AI model in the right place could be a massive advantage”

Our team recently met Ernesto Rodríguez, Co-Founder & COO at Tryolabs, a global company specializing in designing and implementing AI-based solutions for enterprises since 2010. Ernesto is an engineer and a tech entrepreneur who has been working in applied AI before it was trendy. He is passionate about connecting the dots between academic knowledge, industry opportunities, and creating the future. He tells us more about the implementation of AI into the supply chain and its consequences.

Infrastructures Robotics Automation

5G : quels changements pour les entreprises?

La 5G est en train d’être déployée au Luxembourg, avec des impacts très concrets pour les entreprises, quel que soit le domaine dans lequel elles sont actives.

Digital Automation

Étude Fujitsu : La concurrence croissante entraîne des progrès rapides dans l'automatisation et la production durable

La concurrence mondiale croissante pousse les fabricants à adapter rapidement leur façon de travailler, selon un nouveau sondage Fujitsu. L'étude a examiné la technologie de production utilisée par les leaders des TIC dans 17 pays et confirme que l'automatisation est la principale préoccupation pour améliorer la qualité et l'efficacité. Notons également que la durabilité arrive également en tête de liste des nouveaux investissements dans les TIC.