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Les générations Y et Z sont de plus en plus disposées à acheter directement auprès des marques, contournant ainsi les canaux de distribution traditionnels

Le nouveau rapport sur les tendances de la consommation 2022 révèle également que l’essor du commerce électronique pourrait bien plafonner, alors que de plus en plus de consommateurs prévoient de revenir aux expériences d’achats en magasin.

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e-Comas teams up with Reveals to launch new insights and analytics services for brands selling online

E-Comas announced on November 2nd it has teamed up with Luxembourg data wizards Reveals.

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Putting technology at the heart of your health

Innovation across health-related disciplines and technologies is transforming our lives. As we identify more inclusive ways to provide healthcare to an aging population, the traditional model of traveling to a hospital for treatment is no longer scalable. How is digital disruption and consumerization changing healthcare today and over the years ahead? Is the healthcare sector ready to take advantage of the new ways to address its most common challenges?