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AI Robotics Automation

Supply Chain: “The right AI model in the right place could be a massive advantage”

Our team recently met Ernesto Rodríguez, Co-Founder & COO at Tryolabs, a global company specializing in designing and implementing AI-based solutions for enterprises since 2010. Ernesto is an engineer and a tech entrepreneur who has been working in applied AI before it was trendy. He is passionate about connecting the dots between academic knowledge, industry opportunities, and creating the future. He tells us more about the implementation of AI into the supply chain and its consequences.

Digital Services AI

Automatiser la relation client... pour la ré-humaniser?

Cela a toute l’allure d’un paradoxe organisationnel : faut-il automatiser les diverses étapes de la communication client pour rendre cette dernière plus conviviale? Contrairement aux apparences et à l’intuition, la réponse peut être oui... Avec des applications RPA.

Digital Data AI

Collaborative innovation at the center of digital health

Digital health, or digital healthcare, is a broad, multidisciplinary concept that includes concepts from an intersection between technology and healthcare. Digital health applies digital transformation to the healthcare sector, incorporating software, hardware and services. Under its umbrella, digital health includes mobile health (mHealth) apps, electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), wearable devices, telehealth and telemedicine, as well as personalized tailored health solutions.

Luxembourg AI

Share your understanding of AI – contribute to AI foundational standards

AI is more and more present in our daily lives and activities, across multiple domains. However, it is also the source of many technical and societal questions. Among the frequently discussed aspects of AI one finds its definition, its technological potential, and its capacity to replace some human actions.

Cybersecurity AI

How can Artificial Intelligence improve organizations’ cybersecurity practices?

Today, cybersecurity needs are everywhere and attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Defense against cybercrime therefore requires constant innovation. Indeed, many solution editors are not short of creativity and reactivity to adapt and develop efficient protection or monitoring tools to thwart the new attacks that emerge every day.

Tech AI Robotics

Bipedal robot Cassie developed at Oregon State makes history by learning to run, completing 5K

Cassie the robot, invented at Oregon State University (OSU) and produced by OSU spinout company Agility Robotics, has made history by traversing 5 kilometers, completing the route in just over 53 minutes. Ultimately, the goal is to enable parcel deliveries and help individuals with day-to-day activities.


EDPB & EDPS call for ban on use of AI for automated recognition of human features

The EDPB (European Data Protection Board) and EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor) have adopted a joint opinion on the European Commission’s Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (AI).

Data AI

AI Strategy and Implementation @DAT

This use case article gives an overview of the Strategic, Technical and Organizational implementation of Data Science by Positive Thinking Company at Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT).

Event AI

12 ans de Customer Analytics et d'IA dans le secteur bancaire : témoignage du terrain

Neuf projets d'IA sur dix échouent sur la voie qui mène de l'idée initiale à la mise en production effective. Quelle est la raison de ces échecs? Et comment y remédier?

Survey AI

EIB report: €10 billion investment gap in artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies is holding back the EU

Annual shortfall of up to €10 billion in investments to keep the European Union in the global artificial intelligence and blockchain race. The European Union only accounts for 7% of annual equity investments in both technologies, while the United States and China together account for 80%. However, the European Union excels in research related to both technologies and has a large pool of digital talent to build on.

Luxembourg AI

Comment construire une stratégie IA réussie avec DAT ?

« D'ici 2024, 75% des entreprises passeront du pilotage à l'opérationnalisation de l'IA» - Gartner.

Cybersecurity AI

Rcarré et Rcube - Protégez vos équipes dynamiques avec l’intelligence artificielle

La cybersécurité est un point à ne pas négliger dans une stratégie d’entreprise, d’autant plus qu’une hausse considérable des cyberattaques est observée depuis quelque temps. Les outils traditionnels ne sont dorénavant plus suffisants pour contrer ces attaques, surtout depuis que les modes de travail des employés ont évolué. L’intelligence artificielle permet de répondre aux nouvelles exigences sécuritaires.