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Tech Luxembourg AI

Technologies de la santé : résultats du premier appel à projets conjoint

Suite au premier appel à projets conjoint (Joint Call HealthTech) dans le domaine des technologies de la santé lancé le 1er avril 2021 auprès des entreprises et des organismes de recherche et de soins de santé, quatre projets ont été retenus parmi les 8 soumis. Le processus de sélection, qui s'est déroulé en deux phases, a concerné 17 expressions d'intérêt.

Tech Cybersecurity AI

Use of AI in Cybersecurity: Role and benefits

Cybersecurity relies on humans, software, tools and processes to anticipate, prevent, defend, detect and react to attacks. These processes have been proven and are constantly being improved with the support of new technologies.

Tech Cybersecurity AI

L’Intelligence Artificielle associée à l’intelligence humaine en matière de cybersécurité

Les cyberattaques sont monnaie courante dans un monde connecté depuis une dizaine d’années. En 2021, pas moins de 52% des entreprises dans le monde ont été touchées par un ransomware. 81% d’entre elles avaient une assurance en cybersécurité, permettant ainsi de limiter les conséquences de l’attaque avant que des données ne puissent fuiter.

Tech AI

Three important ways AI can benefit customer service operations

Customer service and support leaders should use AI to offer insights or predictions, improve user experiences, and optimize business process automation.

Security Data AI

Data Governance Act: deal on new rules to boost data sharing across the EU

On November 30th, EU Parliament and Council of the EU found a middle ground on the Data Governance Act (DGA) by adopting new rules for data sharing, marking the first step of the European data strategy.

Data & Cloud Expert AI

NLP Microservice Architecture as Business Enabler

This use case article details how Positive Thinking Company helped one of the largest energy suppliers in Germany and Europe to set-up a rigorous automation of their data science process in order to maximize the return on investment.

AI International

UNESCO 193 member states adopt the first ever global agreement on the Ethics of AI

This text, adopted on November 25th, defines the common values and principles which will guide the construction of the necessary legal infrastructure to ensure the healthy development of Artificial Intelligence.

Data & Cloud Cybersecurity AI

L’IA auto-apprenante pour le cloud & le SaaS

Grâce aux plateformes cloud and SaaS, les entreprises ont plus que jamais la possibilité d’innover, de collaborer et de partager. Mais cela se fait souvent au détriment de la visibilité et du contrôle. Au travers de cet article, vous découvrirez les défis de la sécurisation des applications cloud and SaaS ainsi que la manière dont l’IA auto-apprenante protège les équipes dynamiques et l’infrastructure numérique des entreprises en constante évolution.

Tech AI Trends

Gartner: The Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022

Analysts Explore Industry Trends at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2021 Americas, October 18-21.

Data & Cloud AI Automation

Gartner: Half of Cloud Data Centers Will Deploy Robots with AI Capabilities by 2025

By 2025, half of cloud data centers will deploy advanced robots with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, resulting in 30% higher operating efficiency, according to Gartner, Inc.    

AI International Trends

The Facebook Company is now Meta

Facebook Inc is now called Meta, the company said on October 28, in a rebrand that focuses on building the "metaverse," a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the internet.

Fintech Data AI

Data Analytics and AI: What has changed for Luxembourg companies in the past two years?

PwC Luxembourg has just released the results of its survey: “Use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence 2021 - What has changed for Luxembourg companies in the past two years?”. The survey was conducted on-line by PwC Luxembourg through a self-administered questionnaire. Based on a set of questions originally developed by PwC France and Usine Digitale, it queried a sample of respondents including Heads of IT, Operations, Risks, Data or Digital among others.