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YEESS: a syndicate to facilitate and accelerate the New Space dynamic in Europe

With the ascent of space activities around the world, the Young European Enterprises Syndicate for Space (YEESS) wishes to contribute to these accomplishments across Europe. The YEESS initiative aims to be the representative platform for New Space enterprises in Europe and foster acceleration of the movement.

YEESS, founded by six European young space enterprises from Belgium, France, Germany  and Spain (AEROSPACELAB, ANYWAVES, ConstellR, EXOTRAIL, PANGEA AEROSPACE and  SATLANTIS) is a movement expected to grow to over thirty active European members in  the upcoming weeks. 

With remarkable achievements, the YEESS founding members - each with their own unique  identity - are venturing to break into the European space market. YEESS strives to work with and for Europe by collectively supporting the competitiveness of the continent in space.

As for their future in Europe, it is not a matter of predicting it, but making it possible. YEESS Syndicate Objectives:

–To raise the awareness of European institutions, acting as the first customers for space related projects and programs, of the potential of young enterprises to provide innovative  and state-of-the-art solutions and services.

–To advocate for transparency and equilibrium in public effort space contracts where each existing employment of the YEESS companies shares a reasonable figure compared to the total sector employment and contracts volume.

–To encourage these institutions to organize direct interfaces and their contractual relationships with young enterprises as they do with legacy enterprises.

–To prompt European institutions about the readiness of young enterprises to compete with long established companies on the same procurement actions and their willingness  to, thus, contribute - individually and collectively - to an innovative and agile space sector  in Europe.

–Ultimately, to build mutual trust and confidence between European institutions  (potentially, as one of their first customers), and young enterprises, and to extend that  mutual trust to private and commercial customers.

Quotes from the 6 YEESS Founding Members:


“I think the YEESS Initiative is going to provide more degrees of freedom to the national and  European competent institutions to better allocate the resources. Europe is investing ¼ of  the NASA budget, and therefore we are obliged to find alternative ways, more selective,  more specialized, more effective to provide competitive impacts in the world space arena.“ 

Nicolas CAPET, CEO of ANYWAVES and Vice-President of YEESS:

“YEESS aims to be a representative place to discuss and promote new solutions proposed by  young European Space companies to our institutions. We are all convinced that working  together with European institutions and well-established Space companies is a key to  maintain Europe as a Space leader in the coming years. Our challenge is thus to promote our  capabilities and propose concrete solutions to be involved in institutional programs, bringing  competitiveness to our sector in all the value chain and, at the end, for the benefits of  European Citizen in this strategic domain.”

David HENRI, CEO of EXOTRAIL adds:

 “We are thrilled to be one of the founding members of  YEESS initiative. This is the right timing for innovative and agile space companies to become  direct solution providers to the European institutions and get access to this competitive  landscape. While bringing more agility to the European space programs, this initiative will  accelerate space SME growth worldwide, creating new European champions”. 


“We jumped into the YEESS initiative idea from the beginning to be able to share our  experiences and strengthen the value proposition coming from younger space companies.  We believe it is a good moment to demonstrate innovative and competitive solutions for the  European institutions. YEESS provides a wide variety of novel space services and a perfect  shared space to learn, foster and unite.”


“We are deeply convinced that success in the industry is linked to collaborations between  established entities and new space players. It is time for us to offer direct solutions to these  entities such as European institutions and bring with us new ideas, successes, and practical  knowledge. To this end, we want to share our successes with a wider audience, and YEESS is  undoubtedly an initiative that will help us achieve our ambitions.” 

Max GULDE, CEO of ConstellR:

“The future of the space ecosystem is neither only New Space nor only Traditional Space. It  is the cooperation of both, drawing from both sides' strength. I am convinced that YEESS is  the way forward and I am happy and honoured to be amongst its members." 

The next steps of the YEESS syndicate will be:

–The enlargement of the Association in an inclusive manner for those EU enterprises who  want to join and commit to the YEESS goals.

–The official presentation of the association in front of the EU institutions in Q4/2021. 

How to join the YEESS Syndicate:

YESS is open to any young European space enterprise accepting and practicing the YEESS  charter i.e., incorporated more than 2 years and less than 10 years ago at the time of joining  the Syndicate and having its Headquarters in one of the European Union country or ESA  member states.

Find YEESS on social media with the hashtag #YEESS

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