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VR & the Digital Transformation of Entertainment, with Olivier Schaack

Luxembourg native Olivier Schaack, Artistic Director at Canal+, will be back for the second time to share his knowledge and best practices at ICT Spring. He will take part in the Digital Summit, on May 9th. Do not miss his presentation and register now: www.ictspring.com.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects for Canal+?

We are currently preparing the 70th CANNES FESTIVAL and the new season of our original Series The Bureau (Le Bureau des Légendes). We’ve just acquired the rights for all the SHOWTIME Series, including the new season of David Lynch’s TWIN PEAKS so we’re trying to invent strong and original spots. On the promo/ad side, we’re brainstorming to find ideas to promote the New TV season and new Football and Rugby seasons.


Your job requires a creative spirit. How do you manage to keep such a constant creativity? How can it be transmitted to your team?

What are the main initiatives organized internally to stay on top of the game? The most important thing is to remain connected to the creative trends and look every day after the latest creations in advertising, music and arts, share it with the team, remain humble and avoid any intellectual self-sufficiency. We meet once a week to share all the good stuff we've grabbed. I also try to take my creative mates to International Conferences about Advertising, TV Design and Promo.


According to the filmmaker David Lynch, happiness is an important aspect because ideas are easier to catch with happiness. Do you also think that happiness plays an important role when it comes to creativity?

I totally agree with David Lynch, I was so happy – almost relieved – when I found this video. I couldn’t work in tensions and pain. I do my best to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, so at the end of the day everyone can say, even in hard times, he had moments of fun.


Virtual reality allows people to have a unique immersive experience and is now starting to establish itself in numerous sectors and is becoming an important marketing tool. How will it revolutionize marketing and advertising?

Virtual Reality brings permanent interactivity and increases the link between the editor/broadcaster and the customer. Although I think the VR experience is more likely dedicated to the industry of videogames than to television. It's important for Broadcasters to enrich their offer with VR experiences on their digital services but it's only a complement to their main mission: offering entertainment - sports, series, movies, shows - on flat screens


According to you what were the most important transformations in the digital sector in recent years and why?

Virtual reality is definitely a very important transformation in the digital sector and there is still much room for improvement, for example on the treatment of sound.