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Throwback to Docler Holding’s challenge @ Game of Code 2021

During this international and digital edition, the participants had the opportunity to take up Docler Holding’s challenge. Indeed, this 6th edition of Game of Code gathered worldwide contestants who created innovative solutions to both proposed challenges. Our team met with Kolos Kaszaly, Chief Technology Officer to discuss this unique hackathon.

Why did you choose to sponsor a challenge at Game of Code? What did it bring to your company? 

Kolos Kaszaly: When Docler founded Game of Code with Farvest 6 years ago, we believed both then and now that coding is fun, and hosting an event where engineers are invited to play a “game” to challenge each other would be an amazing opportunity.

We are committed to contributing to the various developer communities of the world, not only by sponsoring hackathons, but also with other events such as our Docler Tech Talks.

We are happy that many of our own engineers participate in the Game of Code Challenges, year in and year out.


What did you think about the solutions/projects proposed by the teams during the weekend?  

KK: We were happy that all of the solutions were creative and that all the teams worked on their own authentic idea. The teams made great progress in the 36 hours they were given, considering that majority of the projects were created from scratch.

It was huge plus seeing that most of the projects were already functional and were presented to the jury via live demos. This allowed us to not only believe their concepts, but witness its functionality in real time.

The teams also took into account the ongoing global pandemic in their ideas, and submitted projects that aligned with the current circumstances.


Would you recommend this competition?

KK: Definitely, Game of Code is a great opportunity to bring developers from around the world together and challenge one another in multiple skills: creativity, coding, design, UI, UX, and presentation.

Game of Code also allows the participants to take part in multiple projects instead of just one. And last but not least, we provide a generous prize to not only our first place winners, but to the 2nd and 3rd place runner-ups.


If you had to pass a message to coding teams all over the world, from which country would you like to get an answer from in particular? 

KK: I would like to hear from coders of every country, from beginners to experienced, and even those who are just getting interested in the field. Docler takes pride in the diversity of experience and backgrounds within our offices and it only improves our company. No matter the walk of life, if you are passionate and willing to learn and work in a unique and innovative environment, Docler is the place to be.


We also met with Eugeniu Marinescu & Dumitru  Belous (Senior Software Engineers, Docler Holding) who won the first place of the live streaming challenge created by Docler Holding.

Can you tell us more about the solution you provided to the challenge cooked by Docler Holding?

Sleepy Crew Members team: In short our project aims to ditch the microphone at conferences, meet-ups or any other gatherings where a microphone is used with an application on your mobile phone.

On the phone screen the user has just a simple button where he can join the queue to give a question and can ask a question when it’s his turn with a simple tap and hold.


How did your team experience this 36H hackathon?

Sleepy Crew Members team: It wasn’t our first hackathon and already knew some key organizational moments on which we should focus from the start.

There were intense moments because of some technical issues, we went from enthusiasm to despair back and forth a couple of times.


How did you organise work within your team to be able to deliver your project on time?

Sleepy Crew Members team: From the beginning we tried to create a plan to follow but soon we realized we are spending more time on planning than on coding.

We just agreed that Eugen will work on the hard technical part of the project and I will focus on the presentational part, landing page and pitch and will aid him if needed.


What were the main axes of the challenge you focused on? 

Sleepy Crew Members team: We concentrated on 2 things – to deliver a workable MVP (minimal viable product) and a presentation where the problem and the solution we came up with is understood.


What would be your advice for the 2022 teams?  

Sleepy Crew Members team: What we’ve learned this year and would be an advice for others who are participating in a hackathon is to avoid fixing global problems, find a small problem which bothers you and try to come up with a solution for it.