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The Positive Thinking Company: Sport, Fun and Performance

Since 2015, the Positive Thinking Company has positioned itself as a true sports partner. The group, specialized in IT, Business and Engineering shares the values of sport with each of its coworkers through events in various disciplines. In France, Belgium and Luxembourg, "positive thinkers" ran the StrongmenRun, the Spartan Race, challenged their colleagues at the Hockey Corporate. Collaborative performance on the terrain and a fair play spirit spread daily in the organization.

At the end of June ADNEOM Luxembourg again focused on sport by organizing the 3rd. edition of the ADNEOM Cup. An initiative full of energy through which the Positive Thinking Company shares every year the values of tennis and paddle together with our official sports partner Henri Leconte (Henri Leconte Padel Tour).

In fact, since 2016, the former talented player who has become a legend, accompanies and coached our customers and their children together with Xavier Malisse during the annual tournament organized at the Tennis club of Arquebusiers. The ADNEOM Cup Luxembourg takes place over two days, one dedicated to golf and the other to tennis. It is an event in which both customers and coworkers come together in a friendly and sporty atmosphere. This year’s edition brought together more than 60 participants, both adults and children discovering and sharing the values of tennis and golf.

Next to that, many of our coworkers are also involved in social (and sportive) initiatives: Salut Thierry, or Infirmiers de Rue and the 20 km of Brussels, where our coworkers support a worthy cause in a sportive way. At certain evenings, other collaborators even discover new disciplines, from boxing to climbing or even training their own soccer teams to prepare together for the next challenges of work and play.

Outside the setting of these events, the element of sport is also present in the technological projects of the Positive Thinking Company, developed by the Mobile and Web Development team. The goal: putting technological expertise at the service of the sport industry.

This sportive culture has allowed the online launching of different projects like We Are Tennis, which is a website entirely dedicated to tennis and was designed and developed for BNP Paribas around the time of Roland Garros this year. The web experience allows people to follow tennis news, join the fan community and enjoy additional benefits such as winning seats for tournaments. A dynamic platform for all ages proposes to live the passion of tennis differently by offering a whole other and digital experience of this legendary sport.

The Positive Thinking Company expresses this intensive culture of sport with about twenty events a year. The many coworkers present at all these events reflects the desire to play with performance and the will to exceed one's limits.