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"The people challenge": Discover Uptime's Global data center staffing forecast 2021-2025

Uptime Institute recently released it Global Data Center Staffing Forecast 2021-2025, the digital infrastructure industry's first comprehensive forecast of workforce needs. The report is segmented by region, by data center type, and by staff minimum education requirements.

As the data center build-out continues across the globe, many more people will be needed to design, build and operate this critical infrastructure. The avail ?

Although data center recruitment needs are expected to rise steadily to 2025, the growth in demand does not need to represent a crisis. Individual employers ?


The main findings of the report:

Global data center staff requirements are forecast to grow globally from about 2.0 million full-time employee equivalents in 2019 to nearly 2.3 mil ?

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• The bulk of staff will be needed for ongoing data center operations, with a smal ?

New staff will be needed across all geographic regions. Most demand will be in the Asia Pacific region (, driven by expected cloud and col ?


• In the large and mature data center markets of the US and Western Europe, there is concern that many employees are due to retire around the same ti ?

• Globally, demand growth will come from cloud and colocation data centers. Cloud data centers — those either owned or leased by major publi ?


Most of the workforce will require a university/college or technical trade school degree or — critically — equivalent experience. More on- ?

Technical staff are notoriously difficult to recruit in data centers. Mechanical and electrical engineers in strategy and operations roles ?

Innovations in artificial intelligence and automation are unlikely to flatten or reduce staff needs before 2025. The research shows that m ?


The report is available HERE.


Source: Uptime Institute