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The LHoFT Foundation launches a Mobile Application

The LHoFT Fintech news app, launched today, and available for download from the Apple app store and Google Play, is designed to give users a tailored selection of Fintech content. The app connects to IBM Watson Discovery AI and uses custom curation algorithms to learn from the user’s actions to provide more relevant and specific content from across the web. 

The LHoFT Fintech news app is a tool for those with an interest in the Fintech arena; Fintech and finance professionals, students, researchers, investors, and policymakers; to easily stay in touch with the latest trends and news in digital finance. Anyone can sign-up and the application is free to use. The application offers a full view of LHoFT events calendar and registration as well as access to the LHoFT Newsletters, with further content, such as the LHoFT’s educational videos, to be added in future releases. At launch, seven macro topics are available as a starting filter of the user’s interests: Regtech, Cybersecurity, Payments, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Financial Inclusion, Insurtech, and Venture Capital. The set of topics will be extended over time.

Covid19 has initiated significant and unparalleled response from all organizations, accelerating the digitalisation of work and our personal lives. This digital push has also clarified the opportunities and benefits of digital in driving productivity, enhancing access to information and interaction. The LHoFT, in its mission to support and help the Finance and Fintech community in Luxembourg and the broader European Union, has developed this Fintech news mobile app as part of its broader strategic focus on the fast-changing world of work: the new digital era.

Nasir Zubairi, CEO of the LHoFT Foundation, states: “Earlier this year, the LHoFT, as businesses everywhere, had to rapidly adjust our processes, our activities and delivery of services by drawing conclusions on how the business environment would change as a result of the Covid19 crisis. We initially implemented some low risk tactics, webinars and online workshops, to learn and to give us time to assess the broader and longer-term impacts. After a strategic review and planning session at the beginning of summer, we began to implement our strategy for what we believe is a step change in the digital era. We need to cater for the remote connectivity and increased digital engagement the world has adapted to and that will have a lasting impact on our way of work and behaviours. The LHoFT aims to be best in class in our field in this new dynamic. The LHoFT Fintech news app is a key component of our strategy going forward.”

The LHoFT Fintech news mobile application adds to the initiatives launched by the LHoFT over the past 10 months. The focus is on developing new digital channels to help upskill and support individuals and businesses in the Finance and Fintech community, ensuring continued engagement and connectivity between the Luxembourg ecosystem and international financial services and technology industry, and strengthening Luxembourg brand as a leader in financial services digitalisation. 

The LHoFT has set up a new in-house professional studio which it makes available to its members and partners to ensure quality digital video and audio content and to also provide training on effective online communication.

The LHoFT has also delivered nearly 60 digital webinars, workshops and seminars with industry experts from Luxembourg and abroad. These digital sessions have been attended by 7,000 people, tuning in from all over the world. In complement, the LHoFT Youtube channel contains the whole library of online sessions for replay or for new viewers.

The LHoFT recently successfully concluded its first Fintech Entrepreneurship Program, an initiative of Luxembourg's Digital Finance Academy, built in collaboration with the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE). The program was managed and delivered entirely online over the course of one week from 27th of November to 5th of December.

The LHoFT is today also launching a new dynamic and collaborative website, with access to articles, data and experts' views. More initiatives are in process to ensure the LHoFT meets its goals. 


How does the LHoFT Fintech news mobile application work?

The LHoFT Fintech news mobile application is simple to use, based on a like / dislike approach for all the articles that are presented to you when opening the application. Doing so, you nourish the AI-powered search technology that selects the articles, and with time the results and accuracy of the articles you consult will be refined. It is a 7 simple steps approach:

1. Download the LHoFT News application on Apple Store or Google Play Store

2. Create your account via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or directly with your email

3. Select the topics that interest you to begin personalising your content feed

4. Check out the articles by swiping left or right or using the dislike and like buttons.

5. To read the full article, just tap on it. From there you can also like or dislike, store or share.

6. You can store your articles in the basket to read later for up to 7 days.

7. The articles you like (thumbs up) will remain available in your liked list.


Press release by LHoFT