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Tackle the IoT Security Challenge in Luxembourg

The Internet of Things revolves around Internet-accessible automation with sensors in the real world capturing data and storing it in the cloud. In this rapidly evolving space, security is often an afterthought.  

LuxTrust and Tyfone, supported by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), present a unique opportunity to help secure the Internet of Things. There are millions of IoT devices operating today that lack basic security features, compromising our privacy, trust and safety. Help us tackle this challenge!

Secure elements implemented in hardware and powered by strong PKI capabilities have the potential radically to improve the security of the connections involved in the Internet of Things.

“There are millions loT devices operating today that lack basic security features, compromising our privacy, trust and safety. At LuxTrust, we believe that PKI is a robust answer to securing the Internet of Things (IoT). PKI is an established and standardized technology offering the authentication, encryption, and data integrity needed to secure connections and communication between devices. Nevertheless, the massive and diverse nature of IoT deployments brings many new considerations to the table regarding how actually to implement PKI. We are therefore launching this initiative to encourage more parties to collaborate and together find innovative solutions to the rapidly increasing IoT security issues, hoping that an ecosystem of secure IoT products and services can emerge in Luxembourg, the European Union and indeed worldwide.” (Pascal Rogiest, CEO of LuxTrust).

LuxTrust, Tyfone and SnT are also collaborating with the University of Luxembourg, Digital Lëtzebuerg and Luxinnovation. The sponsors are InTech, PWC, IEE and ICTK.

To participate in this hackathon, all aspects of the Internet of Things are fair game: home automation and security systems, automotive connectivity, manufacturing, or your new cool category that has not even become a buzzword yet. The deadline for submitting proposal is July 15.

More information is available at: https://www.iot-lux.com/


Press release by LuxTrust