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Stop flying in the fog: IT performance management as a service

Does it sometimes feel like you’re flying in the fog without any instruments when it comes to dealing with client or end-user complaints about IT performance?

When companies manage complex IT systems, they are often faced with performance issues that they must quickly solve, such as clients experiencing slow speeds, or a bug in the system.

However, in a set up with hundreds or even thousands of users, systems and applications, this can be like trying to untangle a plate of spaghetti – pinpointing the root cause of reduced user experience can seem nearly impossible.

Different specialised tools exist to analyse parts of IT performance in order to help determine the source of issues and improve overall performance. Dimension Data uses PerformanceVision, which covers the whole chain end-to-end (network, systems and applications) through deep packet analysis thereby providing full visibility from connectivity all the way up to the application level.

This gives companies the ability to dig into the details whenever they receive a complaint, allowing them to more quickly solve the issue and improve client or user satisfaction. The technology also allows to anticipate and prevent performance issues through ongoing monitoring, analysis, and early detection of any drops in performance caused by recent changes for instance.

Dimension Data can support your company with all areas of IT performance management, from deploying the monitoring tool to managing it on a day-to-day basis. Based on the information reported by a leading-edge Network and Application Performance Management solution, such as PerformanceVision, our experts also provide ongoing advice on where you can make improvements to help you address user experience issues before they even happen.


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Stop flying in the fog – it’s time to get in the cockpit and take control of your IT performance and user experience with Dimension Data!


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