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Migrating SAS analytics platform to Azure Cloud

Positive Thinking Company presents a use case of migrating SAS analytics platform to Azure Cloud.

The client is among the world’s leading companies in healthcare.

We have worked together for a long time, supporting the organization with a SAS analytics platform. This platform was previously hosted in an on-premise environment in a data center in Germany. Different kinds of projects were lead there, but over the years the platform became complex to manage (8000 users, 1500 reports, a lot of data integration jobs, connections to other databases, etc) and on the other hand the data center had a lack of flexibility. Therefore, we offered our experience to advise the client on a better approach to move the whole platform from an on-premise environment to a cloud environment.

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Key challenges

The company worked on more than 100 different projects and was used to on-premise environment. The first idea was to carry out a 1-to-1 migration in an eight-month timeline. We soon found out that simply replicating the architecture in the cloud was impossible and we had to change our approach.

The main challenge was to reinvent and reorganise the user concept in a limited time frame. Our engineers wanted to do housekeeping of projects, users and reports, and restructure the entire environment to get more detailed and secure user access rights (up to 10k users).

Our approach


Technologies & Partners

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