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Luxembourg Tech School launches “Learning to Work: my 1st Job Experience in Tech”

A group of 4 passionate industry tech leaders created the Luxembourg Tech School a.s.b.l. (LTS) just three years ago to train the ‘Future Digital Leaders’. This unique educational activity, designed for high school students, includes a variety of digital and soft skills needed to tackle the rapidly changing future in front of them. The whole concept was backed from the start by Digital Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education. The vision is to ‘teach’ in a way that enables students to face modern challenges with open minded creativity, problem solving and teamwork capabilities  

LTS started with 30 students from 3 schools, and now gathers 120 students from 7 schools, aiming for 150 next year. This phenomenal growth shows the success of the idea and the will and eagerness of young people to participate. Helping the Future Digital Leaders to grow exceeds the school curricular and that is why LTS wants to go further and open the doors of the work environment to the students as quickly as possible.


A Grant from State Street Foundation to close the gap between studying and working life

Luxembourg Tech School has now won its first private grant from State Street Foundation.  This new program, entitled “Learning to Work: my 1st Job Experience in Tech”, aims to close the loop between learning and working life.

Students will create their own projects with an element of social impact and/or sustainability. These projects will be overseen by an LTS coach as their ‘line manager’ and delivered to the market.  In total, each participant student will accrue 100-200 hours of paid work experience, carried out during the academic year or holiday periods, to fit in with their busy lives.  

Mr. David Suetens, Country Head of State Street Luxembourg commented: “We are delighted to be a part of this community initiative, which focusses on the theme of employability by providing support to students in Luxembourg. Our State Street Foundation in partnership with the Luxembourg Tech School (LTS) will offer their students 1000 hours of paid work experience in the technology sector. We are excited to support growing the next generation of digital leaders by helping equip students with the critical skills needed to gain experience in the workplace. Technology and ongoing (self)-education are key areas of focus for us and through our grants, we hope to continue helping LTS shape the future and support of their students.”

In keeping with the ethos of LTS, this project-based methodology will allow students to work in small teams on their own ideas, learning any necessary tech theory along the way and focusing on delivering final products. Given the focus on social impact and sustainability they are immediately entering the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, and ultimately increasing their employability.

Dr. Sergio Coronado, LTS Founder: “This is the perfect next step for LTS. We are thrilled with the support of the State Street Foundation. This grant allows us to start developing a tech work experience element to LTS; from learning to work. It can be very difficult for young people to get any sort of work experience, and at the same time in the industry we are only looking for experience people in tech!  Here, they can use the skills they just learned, and their ideas are the starting point for the experience itself.  It’s a win-win all round, and a continuation of our focus to develop future digital leaders. We hope other institutions follow the State Street Foundation and support this or similar initiatives.”


Acting today, investing now to avoid tomorrow’s tech shortfall

The EU has estimated an ICT shortfall of half a million by 2020.  What will ICT even mean by then? It’s a constantly evolving field with expanding domains; nearly impossible for schools and universities to keep pace. Such a fast-changing sector needs fast moving minds who can adapt quickly and face the new questions in creative ways. 

Currently LTS focusses on game development, big data and fintech in year 1, adding space resources and AI for finance in year 2. At the end of each module students demonstrate their product creations and pitch for prizes at an event with key players in the industry, government and academia.

LTS hopes to foster this talent pipeline, and they are constantly refining project ideas to match evolving trends.


Press release by LTS