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IT Days 2021: Cloud is in the air

A new – and fully digital – edition of IT Days will take place next March 30th, 2021. Entitled “Cloud is in the air”, the event will bring together several local and international experts who will share their best practices and discuss the latest cloud trends and initiatives.

Creating European sovereignty to manage data and offering a real alternative is no longer a desire but a need expressed by many companies, backed by several official institutions. Luxembourg and its Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot, which has become a digital hub in Europe, notably launched a call for companies to join a European initiative and contribute to build this future together. What is at stake for companies and governments? What does it mean for the future of the IT sector? Many more questions will be raised – and answered – during the next edition of IT Days.

For now, Monika Seyfried and Cyrus Clarke, the co-founders of Grow Your Own Cloud?, have confirmed their participation. Grow Your Own Cloud works with data as a material and nature as a technology: it revolves around exploring how DNA data storage methods can bring about a new materiality around data, to inspire and imagine futures in which data is a sustainable and public resource.

Local experts Roger Lampach and Pascal Bouvry (Co-CEOs, LuxProvide) will also share their expertise during this session. A subsidiary of LuxConnect, LuxProvide has been entitled with the mission to install, maintain and operate Luxembourg HPC "MeluXina"?. Their presentation will be named “From data storage to data analytics: bridging the Cloud and HPC, MeluXina use case”.


More information and registration: www.itdays.lu