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How Europeans entertained themselves online in 2020

In the EU in 2020, 75% of those aged 16 to 74 that used the internet in the previous 3 months read online news sites, newspapers, and news magazines, while 74% watched internet-streamed TV or videos. The shares were lower for listening to music (61%) and playing or downloading games (34%).

The Netherlands and Cyprus recorded the largest shares of people who streamed TV or videos (both 95%), followed by Finland and Malta (both 93%). The lowest shares were observed in Romania (37%) and Bulgaria (44%). Luxembourg is in the EU average with 74%, tied with Latvia, ahead of Belgium (70%) but behind Germany (83%), Denmark (88%) or Spain (84%).

Online games most popular in the Netherlands

The Netherlands had the highest share of individuals playing or downloading games (56%). Malta and Denmark had the second most significant shares (both 47%). In Bulgaria and Poland, these shares were below 20%. The Grand Duchy, with 36%, is slightly above the European average (34%) but below Germany, Spain (40%) and Cyprus (38%).