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Game of Code 2020: 36 hours of code, 7 hours on Zoom, 0 hour of sleep

From October 8 to October 10, 130 development experts from all over the World registered for the 5th edition of Game of Code, the well-known Luxembourgish hackathon - this year, held exclusively online. The event ran smoothly thanks to the technical partners’ tools and platforms, and the sponsors of Game of Code who challenged the participants on the topics of Open Banking, Open Data and social inclusion, as well as focusing on the current issues arising from the crisis, with the “Hack the Future” challenge.

Philippe Linster (CEO, House of Startups Luxembourg) welcomed the coders and partners for the 36-hour hackathon. He then handed the microphone to Kamel Amroune (CEO, Farvest Group) who officially opened the 5th edition of Game of Code: “this new edition has a special meaning for our team because, for the first time, the event will be 100% digital. We wanted to guarantee the safety of all the participants, but it also opens new doors to us, as organizers. Indeed, it is the second event in a very short time that we reinvented completely, by transforming our business and processes, and transposing participants' experiences to a virtual form”.


After coding for 36 hours straight, the jury of the Open Data, Open Banking and Hack the Future challenges watched and evaluated the 36 innovative solutions pitched by the teams on Zoom, with more than 450 external attendees who followed the competition on the Youtube live-stream.

The winners of each category were finally announced:

• Team <h1>Eureka!</h1>, with their project CoronaAI.lu, won the first place of the Open Data challenge, proposed by Digital Luxembourg. As explained by the developers, “our web-solution is an information hub, which for users acts as a gateway to coronavirus information from a range of Internet sources. By simply typing a question into the website's search bar, users can easily access/find important information relating to the health crisis in Luxembourg”. 

• The project shoebox.lu, proposed by the Team AccountTech was named winner of the Open Banking challenge, sponsored by LUXHUB. The developer worked on a project which digitizes the process of exchanging data between accountants and their clients. The team members highlighted: “we enable small companies to never forget an invoice and prepare their financials so that the accountant won't need to ask for additional documentation, saving many hours and headaches”.

• Team 2GM was awarded the Hack the Future prize, sponsored by Docler Holding, for their project Binoculars. Team 2GM convinced the jury members with its app which “estimates real-time traffic in places anywhere in the world, based on publicly available data like social media, government APIs, etc. It can help to solve the main issues of the current pandemic situation: keeping social distancing and re-boosting the economy”.