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Fujitsu Adds Cognitive Technologies to Next-Generation Service Desk

Fujitsu today introduces cognitive technologies to enhance its next-generation Service Desk, the Social Command Center (SCC) – creating a more versatile, intelligent, user-centric model which combines multiple support channels to provide a consistent user experience.

Through the addition of cognitive technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice biometrics, the SCC is a centralized, modular and integrated part of the Digital Workplace offering from Fujitsu – helping simplify a wide spectrum of user requests and needs. The new Fujitsu SCC harnesses a blend of technologies that combine the familiarity, consistency and versatility of a virtual personal assistant with the ease and usability of an intuitive natural language interface, to deliver business outcomes in supporting end users.

As highlighted in “The White Book of Next-Generation Service Desks”, published by Fujitsu, technology savvy users today expect transparent support models to solve IT problems in the background, and to use proactive algorithms to intervene and prevent issues from arising in the first place. Fujitsu’s solution is the SCC, which leverages cloud-based technologies coupled with advanced machine learning and predictive analytics to mitigate technology issues from impacting on end users. It features a powerful virtual personal assistant, accessible from any device, providing natural language interaction through multiple contact channels.

The aim of the Fujitsu Social Command Center is to provide a simplified, personalized user experience to support a growing range of requests as well as helping solve everyday IT problems such as forgotten passwords through the use of automation, virtual agents and cognitive learning. Initially, SCC is an intelligent portal which includes virtual agents available for text chat in 14 languages, with voice recognition due to be added later this year. User voice pattern recognition is already supported for situations where biometric verification is required in addition to single sign-on.


Social Command Center uses AI to deliver business outcomes

Fujitsu estimates that the SCC can help organizations to reduce the volume of calls answered by Service Desk operatives by 40 percent.

“With the Fujitsu Social Command Center, you chat with a virtual agent just as you would with a colleague. Virtual agents understand natural language requests, and therefore have the ability to book flights, make hotel reservations, track the progress of your requests and even fill in your timesheets,” says Conway Kosi, Head of Managed Infrastructure Services at Fujitsu in the Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) region. “Our goal is that virtual agents will eventually pass the Turing test: most of the time, people won’t even realize they’re talking to a machine. And because we are automating a range of everyday support requests, live agents are able to act faster than ever in resolving more complex user support needs.”


Press release by Fujitsu