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From the new ways of consumption to the need for personalized customer experience

The first afternoon of the Digital Summit at ICT Spring was the opportunity to discover more about the new kinds of businesses that disrupt the market, customer experience and the new means of consumption.

Under the supervision of master of ceremony Polina Montano, COO of Jobtoday, numerous speakers came to share their thoughts and expertise with a full room of digital professionals.

The first presentation was given by Federico Pizzutto, UX Expert at Docler Holding, about "How customer experience will change in 2018". The first thing to know about it is that Customer experience will overtake the product and its price as a key differentiator by 2020, as 70% of people already point to it as a key factor. To succeed, he said, companies must mostly do the basics well: speed and friendliness. In the recent context, GDPR is a golden opportunity to build trust with the customer by showing how and why their data is used. With this strong relationship, customers will tell companies what they are looking for. If companies listen to and understand the demands, and if they use the data right, building a smooth, personalized journey for the customers is possible. The final key, he said, is the human factor, because clients want to talk to humans despite the technology available. For this reason, employees need to be empowered.

After this, Claire Crugnola, Coordinator at Lorntech and Tristan Viller, Founder of The Place to Wish, talked about new consumption patterns, uberisation and online shopping. Especially, the founder of the French startup explained in details its purpose and how it works: The Place to Wish is a unique tool to make sure to ask for, or get someone, the perfect present in a few clicks. It brings crowdfunding, wishlishts and ecommerce together on the same platform.

The next round table brought together Nicolas Princen, CEO of Glose, Javier Juncadella, CEO of Nektria and Axel Schmiegelow, CEO of itravel to present their projects under the moderation of Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz, Managing Partner at Expon Capital. Glose, said its CEO, is a social reading platform. The goal is to make young people interested in reading again by enhancing the activity with digital and social functionalities, with rewards and gamification, and the ability to take notes in the margins. Nektria is disrupting the last mile for deliveries of ecommerce sites by enabling people to choose the time and place of the delivery of goods purchased online. Delivery is not always about speed, but about accuracy and price. With financial incentives to choose some timeslots, depending on the supply and demand principle, Nektria is applying to deliveries what hotels have been doing for years. Finally, itravel is an online platform aiming to make trips memorable by enabling people to search for activities to do on the ground, then to book them without intermediaries, saving everyone money to be spent during the trip.