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Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams, a seamless and connected experience

We are facing every day the challenges of having too much business softwares. We are spending time switching between emails, team, Document Management tool, CRM, ERP…, searching information, contacts, documents. When you are interrupted by a colleague while on the phone, it is sometimes difficult to return to your tasks, to remember what you were working on and to retrieve the information you were searching for.

We all want to reduce those disruptions by bringing together our communication tools with business process and information in one unique ecosystem.

The answer:  Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams. With new features presented for the April 2021 release, Microsoft improves your workspace and proposes a seamless and connected experience. You will be able to work in a unified workplace and collaborate within your company and with customers.

Features view in Teams

What can you expect of the Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams collaboration? :

·         No need to connect in Dynamics, all your apps are available in Teams

·         Manage your Dynamics data on your dashboards in Teams

·         On the Files tab in the connected Team channel, you can find the uploaded files that will be associated with the right Dynamics 365 record. Equally upload them in Dynamics, Teams or sharepoint, you will find them in the same folder.

·         Use Dynamics Bot from the Dynamics 365 app for Microsoft Teams to be able to search and show records within the Teams interface. For example, this could be a query to 'show the account XXX”, or search across Dynamics records using a keyword(s).

Features views in Dynamics:

·         Dial to call in teams directly from dynamics: embedded Teams dialer experience for Dynamics 365 as well as an extensible video or audio Teams meeting experience that seamlessly ties back to Dynamics 365 Sales.

·         transcript the conversation for history (save voice, transcript in text)

·         Embedded team chat experience