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Diving into Dimension Data's strategy with CEO Andrew Coulsen

Dimension Data's CEO for Europe, Andrew Coulsen, stopped by in Luxembourg to visit Olivier Posty, the Country Manager, and his team located in Capellen. As CEO, Andrew Coulsen is responsible for more than 5,000 employees in 59 locations across 15 countries. IT One met with the Australia-native to discuss the global company's core business, vision and approach, which encourages innovation and invests in new technologies.

Building a strong employer brand through company culture

In today's digital world with many companies facing recruitment problems, especially when it comes to ICT experts, Dimension Data and CEO Andrew Coulsen have been putting emphasis on the importance of corporate culture for quite some time now. "Employer Branding is the first step to open the door. If you don't have brand recognition, you won't get the talent" explains Mr. Coulsen. He adds: "Of course we have a global people strategy, but when it comes to recruitment, the countries have their own responsibilities. They know the market and it is therefore executed at the local level". The company also encourages internal referrals, in order to recruit talents who have the right personality and a similar style. "We're a global company, but we operate locally. Collaboration is key: our managers are able to accommodate to the local culture and behavior. Moreover, our culture is based on innovation: we make sure we drive the accountability and responsibility down to the level that can be executed on the ground, as opposed to someone being on the other side of the world and telling you what to do" says Mr Coulsen. As such, the management encourages the spirit of a smaller company and successes are often celebrated. As a matter of fact, Dimension Data was rewarded with the Top Employer label in 11 countries in 2017.


A client-centric approach based on innovation

When it comes to business, Dimension Data could be described as a company with a client-centric approach, always bringing innovation to their clients through their people, creating energy and allowing the teams to innovate right in front of the client. "The client is at the centre of everything we do. We listen, adapt and then execute and deliver".

Bringing them a new and never-seen-before experience is also encrypted in Dimension Data's DNA and the collaboration with the Tour de France owners and organizers, Amaury Sports Organisation (ASO), might be one of the best examples so far. Through the combination of big data analytics in real time made possible by a Hybrid IT environment using Dimension Data’s own cloud platform, protected by their cybersecurity solutions, great collaboration and multi-channel communications, the company has been able to create a unique viewing experience for cycling viewers around the world for the past three years.


The advantages of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg

"Luxembourg has a huge expertise in the finance and banking sectors" adds Andrew Coulsen, who is also impressed by the innovations of the government in terms of how Ministers and their cabinets try to drive and stimulate the economy with different initiatives around digital and ICT. As a matter of fact, the government aims at helping with the recruitment of talents, as it is the only way IT can continue to grow and develop, notably through cybersecurity and data analytics. And with recent geopolitical changes, such as the election of President Donald Trump and the Brexit vote, Luxembourg and Dimension Data have a role to play. "We've got a strong local expertise across the globe, we are able to provide movement of clients' data and own and operate our own cloud environment. Our company is therefore equipped to help its clients in this globalization and digital transformation context". Dimension Data also dives into and invests in new technologies and megatrends such as AI and IoT, but "one must not forget the plumbing – the core secure network infrastructure" insists Andrew Coulsen, highlighting the ever-lasting need for network, security and storage, which are Dimension Data's core skills. "These trends are only able to be successfully achieved thanks to the building blocks we have in place".


According to Mr. Coulsen, we have now entered a challenging but also very exciting place following the recent political changes and the evolution of many industries. He concludes: "This period of uncertainty means better opportunities and greater excitement. We have to play the game well, keep the clients at the center of everything we do and most importantly listen to what they are looking for. Life is changing and we have to make sure we are part of that change".


Interview by Alexandre Keilmann