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Discover why you should take up LUXHUB's Open Banking challenge at Game of Code

The Game of Code team met with Jacques Pütz, CEO of LUXHUB, to discuss the Open Banking challenge they are proposing, as well as why developers should participate to hackathons and why they should chose to take up LUXHUB's challenge this year. The Open Banking challenge asks the participants to ideate and implement a new integrated product based on real Open Banking use cases provided by the sponsor.

In your opinion, what are the benefits of taking part in a hackathon for developers?

Taking part in a hackathon is a fun and smart way to advance your skills and learn more about tech solutions within a collaborative and competitive environment. It’s an incredible chance to connect with people in your industry, showcase your skills, progress your professional life, and experience operating within a team to overcome complex challenges. The nature of hackathons fits squarely with LUXHUB’s core foundations of collaboration and innovation.


Why did you choose to present a challenge about open banking?

LUXHUB is an Open Banking accelerator – meaning that we provide a bridge for financial institutions and FinTechs to overcome the challenges of digitization within financial services. The Open Banking sector is at a crucial stage of growth, with the increasingly competitive environment catalyzing an acceleration in the adoption of related value-added services. Thus, it’s an exciting time for the sector and LUXHUB are very much at the heart of this. As mentioned previously, we very much believe that collaboration will form a key component of Open Banking innovation moving forwards and so what better way to see this in action than through a hackathon? Teams will be challenged to use multi-banking API testing environments, made available by LUXHUB, to ideate use cases and apps that will be of real benefit to the customer and help to change the world of finance.


Why should the developers' teams choose to take YOUR challenge for the game?

Our Open Banking challenge provides competitors with a unique opportunity to test their skills within a real and functional environment. It enables them to prove, both to themselves and to the highly esteemed judging panel, that they have the vision and ability to play a role in the future of finance. The winning teams will gain visibility across our extensive European network and receive some exceptional prizes. The world is yours, come and build it up!


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