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Discover the results of the Game of Code World Cup

The 6th edition of Game of Code, the hackathon made in Luxembourg, took place over the weekend, from April 9 to April 11, with international teams competiting and answering to the challenges cooked by the event’s partners. Held in a full digital setting, this international edition of Game of Code saw the participation of over 60 developers and coders, coming from 10 countries from Ethiopia to Italy and even from the Philippines.

Sheila Becker and Krystina Gray, Vice Presidents of Women Cyber Force, officially launched the event and presented the future initiatives of the associations, which launched in Luxembourg earlier in March.

The event started with the presentation of "Live Streaming Challenge" by Kolos Kaszaly (CTO, Docler Holding) and Serhan Kiymaz (Head of Engineering, Docler Holding). They explained: “Present a creative idea which implements live streaming or video conferencing that tackles a relevant problem of today. Feel free to use emerging technologies, open-source libraries, and popular services available at your disposal. Lastly, create your viable, live streaming idea based on a genuine, original concept”.

Sophie Macri (Head of communication, Raiffeisen) took the stage to present Raiffeisen’s “Community application challenge”, which consisted in presenting an innovative idea based on a digital platform that will be able to gather the bank and its community around local projects and products.

After 36 hours of coding and after the deliberation of the jury composed of seasoned professionals, the winners were finally announced:

• The Sleepy Crew Members (composed of Eugeniu Marinescu and Dumitru Belous) won the “Live Streaming Challenge” and took home the Grand Prize of 10,000 euros. Turboreactcore team (composed of François Vaille, Thibault Forêt, Christopher Robert, Dylan Crelot and Vincent Porro) and 2021 team (composed of Mikolaj Gogula, Andrian Michalik and J?drek Kaczmarek) were awarded the 2nd and 3rd places, and won, respectively, 5,000 and 2,000 euros.

• The 2021 team again, convinced the jury members of the “Community Application Challenge” and won 5,000 euros. Cheering Hedgehogs team (composed of Amaya Sarmiento Echarri, Marco Pernigo, James Dunning and Melania Martorina) and {char_le_de_gaulle} team (composed of Emile Corvini, Noé Breton, Lucas Durand and Max Cekanowski) completed the podium, and won 2,000 and 1,000 euros.

The organizers would like to thank the respective representatives from Banque Raiffeisen (Sophie Macri, Head of Communication, Tatiana DeBondt, Head of Infrastructure & Operations, Hakim Cherbi, Fintech Strategist,  Jose Gregores, Head of Service Desk and Claire Lubnau, Head of Digital Banking) and from Docler Holding (Kolos Kaszaly, Chief Technology Officer, Serhan Kiymaz, Head of Engineering, Christopher Anderson, Chief Product Officer, Tamer Aidek, Vice President of Software Development and Cloud Solutions and Gonser Karlos, Chief Technology Officer) who participated in Game of Code as jurors.

“After a first digital experience last year, we decided to literally open the Game of Code competition to development experts from all over the world. We are delighted with the creativity and innovation that those international teams demonstrated over the weekend, answering to the partners’ challenges with brilliant ideas and projects,” concluded Mariella Labate, Project Manager.

Moreover, Farvest Group is proud to support Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg, with an additional challenge which consists in collecting as many donations as possible.