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Dimension Data Luxembourg renews Cisco Master Collaboration Specialization

Dimension Data Luxembourg today announced it has renewed Cisco Master Collaboration Specialization, which ensures the highest capabilities with collaboration solutions.

“By leveraging collaboration technologies to turn organisations into digital workplaces we can deliver major improvements in employee engagement, customer service and relationship management. Applying our user-centric methodology, articulated around experience and adoption, always results in substantial business outcomes in various forms: staff retention, productivity, competitive differentiation and agility as well as cost reduction, to name a few. Renewing the Master Collaboration Specialization proves we are the go-to experts in collaboration technologies,” says Eric Chaineux, Digital Workspace Lead for Dimension Data Luxembourg.


No other Cisco specialization or certification demands such extensive proof of design and implementation capabilities as the Master Specialization. Master Specialized partners use Cisco validated designs when deploying solutions and must demonstrate current examples of successful projects in which they integrated multiple solutions and services.


The specialization process consists of a pre-audit validation, during which requirements are validated remotely, and is followed by a stringent, third-party, onsite audit validating that Master Specialized partners maintain their capabilities to deploy and support solutions. Master Specialized partners also must continue developing their skills as Cisco refreshes the solution areas and requirements for each Master-level specialization to reflect advances in technology.


As part of this elite group of Master Collaboration Specialization Partners, Dimension Data Luxembourg is recognized to deliver highly sophisticated value-added voice and unified communications solutions.


Press release by Dimension Data Luxembourg