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Dell EMC Unity Rockets Past 1 billion dollar in Just Over a Year

By Craig Bernero, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Midrange and Entry Storage. In technology, having the right product, that provides the best capabilities, that solves a variety of business challenges, provides TRUE incremental value, and is timed to meet both customer and the market needs, are just some of the reasons that make products so successful. On the other hand, there are countless products that fail to meet customer needs, do not provide the value required and/or are niche in scope, and do not succeed. In IT infrastructure, the tech highway is littered with products that have received generous VC investment, but never seem to achieve widespread adoption and/or simply fail for a variety of reasons.

With that mind, at Dell EMC we are very proud of a significant milestone that validates our midrange storage products. Last week, the Dell EMC Unity midrange storage array family reached a major milestone - 1 billion dollar in cumulative bookings revenue. We’re very proud of this milestone for a variety of reasons. First, we achieved this in a very short period of time; just over one year from the date of release on May 2, 2016. We achieved this milestone quickly, yet it’s a level that some products in just about every industry never achieve, let alone entire tech companies in their entire span of existence. Our Dell EMC Unity family of All-Flash and hybrid storage arrays reached this measure in just over a year. It’s an incredible accomplishment and puts this product family in elite company as one of the fastest-growing storage products in Dell EMC history (including pre-merger).


6,000 customers

Second, the milestone is significant from a team perspective. At Dell EMC we have engineers, developers and support teams located in various worldwide locations working diligently to develop compelling new features and support our existing and prospective customers. These teams have worked hard to add features that matter to our customers to solve their business challenges while modernizing their infrastructure for IT Transformation. Our sales teams and partners have an equal responsibility for this milestone based on driving the incredible momentum for Dell EMC Unity. To our delight, Dell EMC Unity has fit those needs for nearly 6,000 customers and growing!

Customers are the foundation for reaching this level of success. As customers embark on their digital transformation journeys, they depend on midrange storage products that provide value, simplicity, and performance to power their demanding workloads and applications. Features alone are no longer sufficient. Customers request products that can deliver both great technology and great value that are naturally intuitive to use and support. That’s what matters to customers today!


Nearly 6,000 customers around the world have selected Dell EMC Unity, deploying it in ways we couldn’t have even imagined during the development phase. Here are a few industry-specific examples:

• Colleges, universities and school districts that are looking for a unified and simpler approach to data storage, are turning to Dell EMC Unity to consolidate multiple disparate systems into a single system that is easier to install and manage.

• Non-profit organizations that utilize Dell EMC Unity to store digital archives to preserve cultural treasures.

• Supply chain companies that required significantly faster access to reports and data, have turned to Dell EMC Unity to achieve performance at least 10 times faster than their previous environment.

Cyber security firms that demand high performance storage to store and process digital forensic evidence are deploying Dell EMC Unity because of its•  All-Flash performance and lower TCO than legacy hybrid storage products.

• Fortune 50 Financial company that dramatically lowered operational overhead based on the industry-leading simplicity of Dell EMC Unity, to allow focus on additional business value requirements, compared to their competitive offering.


These are just a few of the many thousands of customer examples that have chosen Dell EMC Unity as their trusted platform of choice to modernize their data centers and embrace IT Transformation. As they grow their businesses, we’ll continue to add more features to Dell EMC Unity to help solve the needs of more customers. And along the way, we’ll share additional major milestones with you, our loyal customers, partners and employees.