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Data Governance Fundamentals

Positive Thinking Company presents its view on the fundamental concepts of Data Governance.

According to leading analysts and when it comes to data, 2021 will be among others the year of augmented analytics, DataOps, data literacy… However, all these trends can only be successful if companies have a solid foundation in place to put the right data in the right hands.

Implementing a Data Governance initiative is essential for any modern organization seeking to leverage on data.

Before focusing on how we recommend approaching a Data Governance program in a practical way, we would like to share our view of the fundamental concepts of Data Governance.

It all starts with the Data Strategy!

Actually, it all starts with the first serious discussion about data, that should include topics like:

–What do we want to be able to do with our data?

–What kind of business decisions do we want to make based on our data?

–What is the level of confidence we currently have on the quality of our data?




Data Governance is a long-term initiative

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