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Current CIO challenges

By Jeremy Atkins, Data Management & Big Data Consulting, Hewlett Packard. System Solutions Luxembourg (SSL) is committed to providing every day for our customers IT Infrastructure services and consultancies. Since 2011, SSL has strongly invested into the Private Cloud, we focus as well on Hybrid Cloud solutions, Backup as a Service (BaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and File Sharing services. Data Protection is at the heart of our strategy to leverage customer satisfaction. System Solutions (HPE Gold Partner) has worked closely with HPE technologies for 20 years to provide the best solutions and to protect our customers.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise Pointnext Consulting we spend a lot of time with our customers listening to their challenges and helping them build their IT Modernisation strategy. Many of our customers are sat in a vast pool of traditional, legacy, heavy-iron block and NAS storage and are struggling to decide what to do next. They see the business changing more quickly than ever but they don’t have the agility and portability to keep up, so are losing out to the cloud providers that can provision at the flick of a business user’s corporate credit card.

The Cloud is seen as the answer…but can public cloud really provide a cost-effective long-term solution to data protection and retention, and how do I know that the data I am paying to store is worth keeping? Will it meet the security requirements of GDPR and other regulatory standards?

HPE has a simple strategy; we make Hybrid IT simple, We power the intelligent Edge and have the Expertise and Experience in our Pointnext organisation to make it happen.

In this presentation I will outline how an IT leader can simplify the thinking around their storage strategy and new world hybrid infrastructure whilst protecting and managing the data to meet the new compliance legislation & GDPR and how to drive real, tangible value from that estate

I will also show how to plot that path from expensive proprietary islands of information to an open, agile, flexible, portable and cost-effective platform that not only matches or beats the cloud offerings on $/GB but can also integrate and burst into those services.

Big Data is becoming a core part of every business, but how do you make the leap from storing and protecting the data in the basement to an enriched data-based predictive decisioning business driver in the Boardroom without massive investment and creating new islands of data?

How does IoT fit in to my storage strategy? How do I flow Data from the edge to the centre and drive value and competitive advantage? How do I piece these elements together to delight my customers and motivate my employees?

I will finish with some customer use cases where we have helped to drive key business benefit through the deployment of complete end-end solutions from the ‘Thing’ to the App, where new thinking and a simple strategy is improving the customer experience, driving down cost and putting the organisation on a strong footing for the future.

About the Speaker: Jeremy Atkins heads up Storage and Big Data Pointnext Consulting Sales for EMEA at HPE. Following 12 years in operations and IT Management, Jeremy moved into Consulting in the late ‘90s, both for large Technology companies such as IBM, EMC and HPE, but also as an independent Business change Director for clients like Skype as they went through Divestment and and Williams Lea as they re-organised following major M&A activity. This background of diverse roles and industries allows the connection of IT modernisation to Business outcomes.


Communicated by System Solutions