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WEBINAR, with the participation of our partner IBLux!


Technological advances, as well as new market trends are pushing us to reinvent ourselves.

A real productivity lever, the use of applications hosted on the  Cloud  (SaaS) has become a common practice within companies, allowing employees to access their business applications, and digital communication tools, anywhere. and in a secure manner.


Among the benefits of applications hosted in the Cloud are, among others, a high level of  security , cost control, easy access to data,   simplified collaboration increased mobility , etc.


We invite you to meet this Thursday, February 25 to learn more about these software, and benefit from the presentation of some of them ( HorusSage BobMercatorAdmin-Consult ).


Don't wait any longer, and register for our completely free webinar!


Program : 

Presentation: 2
p.m. Q&A session: 2:45 p.m.
End of webinar: 3 p.m.


Online  registrations  .


This webinar is completely free

Registration deadline: 02/24/2021

Contact:  marketing@rcarre.com