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Year of Foundation: 2016
Location: 8 Avenue de la Faïencerie L-1510 Luxembourg
Staff: 40

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DAVIDSON "Consulting" by Davidson

Consulting, only a State ofmind!

Before talking about WHAT you will read about (our capabilities and business sectors see HERE), we would like to present WHY and HOW.


Davidson was born of the following observations:


Some companies in the last twenty years have preferred satisfying shareholders over the well-being of company employees. The paternalistic owners of the 50s were replaced by “super employee”-directors whose objectives and personal salary packages were directly linked to performance and the results of the company. Such was the importance of meeting business objectives that are very often painful decisions had to be taken that affected company staff (obligatory personal relocation of staff or business relocation of companies, etc). We should therefore not be astonished if companies and employees are clearly separated from each other, where companies were virtually cut off from their own people.


Consultancies have people as their primary asset, and have therefore not been spared by this trend, ensuring a steady degradation of brand image over the years.
Quite apart from the professional environment of their employees, the combined effect of:

  • the very high priority put on projects to be profitable over the career paths of the consultants, and 
  • a relatively non-selective recruitment process because of the high staff turnover inducing a headlong pursuit, together with the increasingly short lived feeling of belonging, resulted in a less than ideal situation.

Therefore managers tended to be cynical thus worsening the general trend, the paradox of progressive degradation of people issues in companies … whose assets are however 100% people oriented.



In this dire situation, we decided to gamble against the mainstream trend and put our priority in people, once more at the centre of the company, in a healthy dynamic and fun working environment!

The Davidson corporate project is therefore an attempt to demonstrate that companies can be managed through a virtually exclusively qualitative approach, focused on:

  • listening to our employees and our customers, 
  • well-being at work (and having fun!)
  • the quality of our work on our assignments
  • encouraging creativity

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  • Number 1 at the Best Place To Work Europe 2014, 2015, 2016 et 2017