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Data & Cloud Digital Interview

Nutanix : «Notre mantra, c’est de rendre les infrastructures, les datacenters et les clouds invisibles»




On-the-Spot - Episode #2

On the Spot, Episode #03

On-the-Spot - Episode #1

Expert Fintech Luxembourg

LHoFT’s Directory Mentors: Driving the future of Financial Services together

The LHoFT Foundation launches an exclusive Mentors Directory, built to support Fintech firms in the Luxembourg ecosystem and beyond.

Digital Luxembourg API

Cargolux and Kuehne+Nagel pilot API connectivity for Quotes & Bookings

Cargolux has launched a set of APIs to offer customers a direct interface between their system and Cargolux’s platform to receive tailored and immediate, bookable quotes. This new and innovative approach is piloted by Cargolux’s Brussels, Milan, Frankfurt, and London offices in collaboration with long-standing customer Kuehne+Nagel.

Digital Luxembourg Data

Foyer pursues the dematerialisation of its processes through its 100% digital health insurance strategy

For several years now, Foyer has been investing and developing projects for the dematerialisation of its documents, whether internal or intended for its customers.

Fintech Luxembourg Mobile

Ian Parke, CEO FIN-PAY: “Our mission is to remove friction for all parties in the payments journey”

The Australian start-up FIN-PAY won the Mastermind Competition in the Fintech category, as part of ICT Spring Europe in Luxembourg (September 14-15). Our team recently met with its CEO, Ian Parke.

Expert Luxembourg Training

Les prochaines formations OXiane : Hermes, Qlik Sense et Java 8

L’institut de formation luxembourgeois OXiane propose, entre autres, des formations Hermes, Qlik Sense et Java 8 au mois de novembre.

IOT Luxembourg Training

L’ILNAS organise une formation en ligne "Internet of Things and technical standardization"

Le vendredi 19 novembre, l’ILNAS propose une formation visant à fournir une vue d'ensemble des concepts de base de l'Internet of Things (IoT) ainsi que des informations sur les activités de normalisation pertinentes dans le domaine de l'IoT et des technologies connexes.

Data & Cloud Luxembourg Event

Hybrid storage, the perfect mix of on-premises and cloud solutions

With a significant proportion of business operations now occurring in the digital space, the cloud storage market is very competitive. Most of the top providers offer a similar set of security features. Determining which platforms are the most secure requires an in-depth comparison across four categories: encryption, account security, redundancy and geo-replication, and administrator controls – which is exactly what this CTG’s webinar is about.

Tech Startup Trends

Leila Daneshmandi, Co-Founder & COO Encapsulate: “Be on the constant lookout for new trends that are shaping the future”

The American start-up Encapsulate won the Mastermind Competition in the DeepTech category, as part of ICT Spring Europe in Luxembourg (September 14-15). Our team recently met with its Co-Founder & COO, Leila Daneshmandi.

Tech Space Startup

Pale Blue: “The biggest challenge is the pace at which governments are developing policies for operating in space”

The Japanese start-up Pale Blue won the Mastermind Competition in the NewSpace category, as part of ICT Spring Europe in Luxembourg (September 14-15). Our team recently met its Director of Business Development, Toku Sakai.

Digital Luxembourg Cybersecurity

LUXEMPART confie à DiliTrust la digitalisation de son conseil d'administration et de ses comités

DiliTrust, éditeur de solutions sécurisées pour les directions juridiques et instances de gouvernance, annonce que la société LUXEMPART a choisi la suite DiliTrust Governance pour digitaliser et automatiser leurs activités de gouvernance d’entreprise.